Question: "Is it for the sins of the people that God has deprived us of the killed Melchizedek elders?"

There is a general historical trend, prevailing since the fall of man. There are no Russians as people apart; there is humanity as a whole. The nature of sin has universal human essence. As well as holiness has universal human nature. Therefore, all are always against one, and the one pulls out all the people. The saints go always alone against the whole world and suffer for the whole world.

The universal humanity consists of Christians and Jews. All must be children of God the Father. However, the ones follow the Saviour, in reality, while others betray the Saviour and crucify Him. The saints suffer for the sins of the world, including the sins of those who betray them. For example, the Jews crucified the Russian people. They hate the Holy Russia. Nevertheless, Russians, through their Christlike suffering, made possible the salvation for Jews, their murderers and traitors of God. It’s because salvation is always for all the people, while the punishment is always for one.

Provided that Jews are willing to repent of their historic crimes they committed, of course. And Christians are willing to forgive their historic enemies and do not revenge. Then, the Lord will open His Heavenly Kingdom for Christians and Jews. And those who will enter the Kingdom will be saved. Then will begin the period of the Messianic meal. Those, who will not enter it, will fall under the grind of Judgment Day. It will be time for anger and revenge. The earth will be littered with corpses. Then will come the final round of confrontation between the Tsar and the traitor of Tsar.





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Прошу прощения, ничем не могу помочь, но уверен, что Вам обязательно помогут. Не отчаивайтесь.

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