We are in the Babylonian captivity. If man is chained, not only his soul is sick... What can be done until the liberation? Only resign and work more for the resurrection of Holy Russia. The synodalsystem is survivingits lastmonths. For several centuries, this noose was draped over the neck of living faith. But there are limits for everything. Already this year will begin the separation, people will start to wake up, and require an impeachment of rulers.

The synodal system is the first element in the system of spiritual slavery. During all its existence, it never gave birth to any saint. None of the saints canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church has never used Synodal theology. And all the holiness, that is in our Church, lives in spite of officialdom and is almost always persecuted.

We still have to learn what the censors have hidden from people. For example, St. Ignatius Brianchaninov characterized "the golden age of the Synodal Church" as a deep apostasy and said that it was impossible to find at least one monk. And it happened in the mid nineteenth century... and just before, the synod persecuted St Seraphim of Sarov.

To date, the Synodal Masonic project has finally arrived where it was drifting from the beginning - into the braces with Catholics. It is a betrayal of people’s faith and common sense, all Russian civilization, all our history. The great conflict, that is starting, will trigger the scenario of the sixth day. And it begins with an awakening. There is nothing hidden that will not be manifested. The Catholic Church and the synodal church is a Masonic project, built on deep heresies, on distortion of the foundation of faith which is the Dogma of the Holy Trinity. Catholics has a filioque (a divine mutant one side of which is two times larger than the other...); theSynod has a demigod, the "trinity" torn in half.

This is what the Freemasons have concocted. And all mankind has consumed this poison for centuries. The entire universe is permeated by this poison, even the being becamebitter.



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