Why did God come to Earth and what is the teaching that the apostles preached? What is salvation? The true orthodoxy is a mystical science of the construction of God. Each person, in direct sense of the word, must build Christ in his heart; must raise, step by step in the space of his soul, the King of Glory.

It is necessary to construct Him, element by element, just like is constructed a house. This process is called by apostles: the «dispensation of grace» and one who is engaged in divine construction is a «royal priest ». Thus, the Orthodox man is a royal priest and a builder of God.

God the Word consists of spiritual and symbolic elements of Creation: Vivifying Cross, angels and saints Heaven and Earth, Mother of God, apostles, time and eternity, light and water abyss, all that God passes from nothingness to being. And all that is gathered under the patronage of Lord Almighty. And all these spiritual and symbolic elements must be laid out on a specificlogical chain, so to obtain an integral Logos, God the Word. Such was a goal of every Christian in ancient times.

The living instruction on God’s construction is the Book of Revelation of St. John the Theologian. And an illustration which represents essential elements of God the Word, His component parts, is the icon "Christ in Majesty". That's why it is at the centre of the iconostasis. And chastity, in its original sense, is not an abstention from lascivious women; chastity is knowledge of Wisdom of God-man which is fixed in the symbolism of the Apocalypse.

That is why, the goal of spiritual life, in true catholic and apostolic Church, was the knowledge of the Apocalypse, because this book describes the mystery of the construction of God. And it is possible to know this mystery only through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, because through the Eucharist, man enter in contact with the Holy Spirit Who illuminates his mind, opens a spiritual vision and allows an understanding of the sacred mysteries.

That is why it is said that we commune to the Holy Mysteries of Christ. What are these mysteries? None of the synodal theologian is capable to tell us about these Mysteries because we commune to the Mysteries of Wisdom of the Apocalypse, the Mysteries of God's Wisdom.

These are the Mysteries of the world structure, of man and of God-man. Thus, the essence of salvation in Church of Christ is reduced to two aspects: communion with our bodies to transfigurated divine-human nature of Saviour and communion with our spirit to the Heavenly nature of God-man which is the Wisdom of the Apocalypse, the Wisdom of God. This is exactly these two aspects that are recorded in the Eucharist. One part is a chalice with the blood of Christ; the other is a diskos with Asterisk, the Lamb and the particles. And these objects clearly show us the basic elements of the system of symbols of the Apocalypse.

The cubic Lamb is a Creation, the Asterisk is a Vivifying Cross, these are four sacred animals, and the particles, arranged in a particular pattern, show us exactly that God the Word is made up of spiritual and symbolic elements, and we must contain all the mysterious wisdom of God on the diskos of our mind. This is why the diskos with Asterisk, in Great Entrance, are put on the head, on the area of the mind. It is not doneso nowadays, because an illumination of our mind by God’s Wisdom does not occur in the Synod Eucharist, and the same book of the Wisdom of the Apocalypse became, a long time ago, a kind of relic, the fifth wheel on a bicycle, so to speak. There some synodal theologians who seriously ask the question: «What is doing the Apocalypse in the body of the Scriptures? »

In fact, the Apocalypse of St. John the Theologian is a bedside book of God's people, the royal priests. If there is no Apocalypse, there are no Russian people, such as. Four Gospels is a Word of God, and the fifth book, the Apocalypse, is a Cause of God, this is a second part. Word + Cause.

Now we have only the Word. If there is no knowledge of the Apocalypse, there is no Cause, no Holy Russia, no Church, no Russia, no Russian people, there is nothing. That's how everything folds and unfolds. The Apocalypse is a book of the Cause of Faith; the Faith is dead without Cause. If we only believe in the Word of Christ, but do not accomplish His Divine Cause, we're dead.

The Apocalypse is a living guide, written by God, so that every person, every Orthodox man knows what to do, how to construct God in his heart. God must be exactly as described in the first chapter, with all the chandeliers, belts, clothes, thrones, and sacred animals. Man must know all symbolic divine economy, all elements of God, described in the Apocalypse. To know them as his own body and his own home, his own car, for example. That is whatthe dispensation of grace, the construction of the mysteries of God.

Originally Orthodoxy, Christianity, was built on this concept. The Word was associated with a concrete Cause, the construction of God on specific living symbolic patterns. Now, the Orthodoxy is in devastated state. In fact, the synod theologians have invented their own version of Orthodoxy which, in reality, has little to do with the teaching of Christ, preached by the apostles. Now the Church is inactive, it is even in the knockout.

It does not deal any more with the dispensation of grace, because it has no key to the Wisdom of God, no key to the Wisdom of the Apocalypse, it does not know of what consists the Logos. And the Book of the Cause of God, the Apocalypse is even removed from the agenda. And it turns out that the synod sages are laughing at us, because the dispensation of grace is only on paper, they are only talking about. In fact, they have no idea of what elements God is constructed. They tell us we need to fast and pray, and grace will grow by itself, exactly how occur the physiological processes in the body, completely imperceptible to the human consciousness.

In reality, the dispensation of grace has nothing to do with the concept of the synod, because construction is going through the knowledge of the mysteries of God, and I doubt that it is possible to know the mysteries excluding our own conscience. This is the true knowledge, that is to say, the understanding what understand angels, saints and even God. Our goal is to know the name of Christ, to learn thinking like our Lord. This mysterious and mystical goal was the most important, most interesting and most delicious dish that our Church possessed before the synodal period. This is why people were baptized by thousands when the apostles were preaching. There's nothing more interesting for man that to hear the Word of God, to listen to the true God speaking right now and saying smart things that are related to the situation in which man finds himself.

In order to establish this link with Heavenly Father, man refuses everything in this world, sells all possessions and buys a pearl of Heaven. And now the Russian people is under a curse, under the wrath of God which is held on people because of the incredible negligence for the Cause of God, exactly for what Christ came to Earth and suffered. God did not come to talk on high subjects; God came that every man could become God by grace.


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