« It was allowed to make war against the saints and conquer them, and given power over every race, people, language and nation » (Apocalypse 13:7). Before the publication of the missing part of the orthodox doctrine, let’s make a small excursion into history. How do the evil geniuses of Zionism managed to reduce to dust the Orthodox kingdom?

There are two mega global projects: the Project of God for the salvation of humanity and the creation of the universal Kingdom of Christ and the project of devil for the lost of humanity through the construction of the universal kingdom of antichrist. The Church prevents the implementation of the infernal plans, that's why it is under continuous attacks. It is attacked from the inside, by all sorts of heresies, and from the outside, through physical intervention and conquest.

Throughout the first 15 centuries, we were able to resist and preserve the purity of the Orthodox faith. However, by the late 15th century, the tactics of the enemy undergo significant changes. In fact, a strategic plan of action has been developed and designed for several centuries. The plan included a detailed description of the structure of the Orthodox civilization and the principles of its mirror dismantling. This plan is outlined in the famous work of Lewis Carroll "Through the Looking-Glass." If you know exactly how the building is constructed, it is easy to develop guidancehow dismantle the structure, in reverse order, to its components, to the very bricks.

The plan of principles of the structure of Creation was stolen from the Orthodox Church, from the symbolic orthodox theology. As for the plan of dismantling, it is only a matter of technique; the Elders of Zion did a good job. Thus, the traditional world order had been broken knowingly, consciously, and not because of some historical laws, which were sucked from the finger by freemasons and imposed, thereafter, to all brainwashed mankind.

The anti-Christian world was also imposed according to science. It is based on symbolic and occult concept "Through the Looking-Glass". This is a Kabbalistic foundation of the New World Order. Further, on this design was superposed an operating system, for example, the protocols of the Elders of Zion, and then was downloaded different program of modernist civilizational projects, such as: capitalism, communism, fascism, and liberalism. Religion, science, culture, art, education, all this is part of the occult system of "Through the Looking-Glass", so modern man since childhood, in fact, is already blind, his mind already belongs to the matrix. And to get out of the rabbit hole, there is only one solution: to address directly to God, which was done in the context of our research project.

So was carried the most ambitious scam in human history. All started with symbolic theology that had been stolen. Armed with a crystal clear understanding of the principles of world functioning, the knowledge about the laws of being of the human society, the Jews, throughout the network of secret societies, in which the elite of Christian nations was found entangled, and by the hand of Christians, began to implement methodically, step by step, decade after decade, century after century, their diabolical plan of destruction of Orthodox kingdom.

Since the late 15th century, Russian civilization begins to undergo a massive attack, which roll a wave after wave, almost non-stop: the heresy of sympathizers of the Jews, Nikon's reforms, Peter I and Catherine II reforms; the Era of Enlightenment and other subsequent modernist doctrines constituted the links of the same chain which goal was to divert hierarchs from the way of the church, to confuse the bishops, cunningly impose false ideas about the truth, so they direct the ship of the Orthodox civilization in wrong direction, by their own hands, on the road of disaster, destruction of the Orthodox world; it’s what exactly happened.

First, the power of the destructive energy was directed to the destruction of the symbolic theology. To do this, libraries were burnt and liturgical books were endlessly rewritten. The symbolic theology is the science of mysticism of the Eucharist, communion of mind with Divine Reason and communication with the Holy Spirit. And this science was at the heart of the whole life of the Church. This science was at the heart of preaching. This science opened the gates of Heaven, established a mystical link with Christ, and permitted to speak with God in the same language. Therefore, the Zionists attacked, first, the Eucharistic Wisdom, which is nothing else than Divine Wisdom. During the Age of Enlightenment, all the knowledge about the symbolism was removed from the Orthodox teaching. During the Age of Enlightenment, all knowledge about symbolism had been removed from orthodox teaching. All liturgical books and all dogmas have been rewritten and reprinted. It remained intact only the external form of the rite.

Thus, by the late 19th century, the official Church became already blind and deaf. This does not mean that grace has completely disappeared from the church. The Saints still exist, at all times and under all governments. But the grace is a multilateral power of God. The Church lost the grace that allowed the gathering of the entire universe, the same grace that transformed man into royal priest. This is a grace of universal power, the grace of the governance of the holy people and the world.

For the church rules the world, for the universe could meet in the Sobor of Vladimir, Vladimir means "who possesses the world", it is necessary to have a special crosier, an iron stick, which is a symbol of Divine Wisdom. And Divine Wisdom is a living wisdom of the ascending Eucharistic power; when we hear in the liturgy: "Wisdom", which means «stand straight," this means that we are talking about an ascending Eucharistic energy right now.

The Patriarch owns this crosier. It is just a symbol of divine power, given to the earthly Church. The patriarch has the crosier, but it is not in use, nowadays, because the force of God's power is driven by Wisdom of God; as there is no Wisdom of God, the crosier is only an attribute, assigned to his ministry. So, there is a crosier with no power. And the Orthodox Holy Synod doesn’t know in what direction lead the people, because it has neither eyes nor ears.

The official church does not see the ways of the Lord's will, which is why the church is locked, does not develop, does not advance, it is weak, spiritually weak, conciliatory, is afraid to enter in conflict with the prince of this world and to tread on serpents, to be a sheep which stands up against the wolf pack; everybody remains hidden. This misfortune happened by the end of the 19th century, the church ceased to understand his own Eucharistic sacrament, that is why the systemic connection with God was broken, and the entire Orthodox world rolled to ruin. And blinded bishops have finally led our people in a bloody revolutionary massacre.

Even now, the hierarchs has not made any conclusions. The Church still doesn’t know how to use the wisdom of the Eucharist, and all priests remain hostages of the synodal system. This system, created by Zionists for the destruction of Orthodox civilization, continues to operate at full capacity, dazzle, paralyze and cut off the Great Russian people from the sense of being of Holy Russia, from the Word of God, literally, as by sickle. And gives hammer blows to the very heart of Russian civilization, the very starting point from which originates all Russian Orthodox being, because the starting point is the Eucharist.



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