«The time has come for the judgement to begin at the household of God» (1 Peter 4:17).

«He has given us the competence to be ministers of a new covenant, a covenant which is not of written letters, but of the Spirit; for the written letters kill, but the Spirit gives life» (2 Corinthians 3:6).

During the synodal period, the Orthodox doctrine had been replaced by an "ersatz - orthodoxy", a substitute, artfully designed, perfectly matching in appearance to the teaching of Christ and His apostles, but inside it has little to do with it. The Russian people have "taken the bait" and failed to determine the substitution. This was the cause of the catastrophe of the twentieth century.

At present, the situation has worsened even more; several generations had been educated in the system of formal and devastated orthodoxy. It was said to them that the mysteries of the spiritual world are « accessible only to the conscience of the great saints. » In fact, this is a lie. The invisible world is open to all those who need it, « the kingdom of Heaven has been subjected to violence and the violent are taking it by storm. » Without a true mystical link with the Holy Spirit, the living faith is impossible; the whole structure of life of Church has no meaning. This vacuum is the cause of many diseases of the Church, the people and the country:

• absence of unanimity, love and unity;
• formalism, indifference, lack of initiative;
• absence of spiritual gifts;
• powerlessness face to sin. The Sacraments, prayer and fasting give poor results. Years pass after years, decades after decades, but nothing changes;
• helpless position of the Russian people in their own country.


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