Let’s examine now the essence of the symbolic theology. We will talk, in general terms, what represents a half of the lost Orthodox teaching. This science is a means of communication with the spiritual world which, in fact, allows us to explore an invisible reality on a scientific basis. Theology is a science, and it was so at the origin. There is a heavenly church and an earthly church. These are two components of the same process of creation of the Heavenly Jerusalem.


The earthly church is an altar on which are burned the spiritual bricks. Then, they are delivered to the heavenly church which utilise them to build the Kingdom of Eternity. Thus, the symbolic theology is a means of communication and organization of all processes taking place in the universe. Moreover, it is not only a means of communication, but also of energy. Through knowledge of the principles of life of the spiritual world,man receives the divine grace. The symbolic theology can be compared with electricity. Imagine what would happen if we disconnect the country. The phones and Internet will switch off, transport will stop, as well as plants and chaos will begin. The country will become ungovernable. It is exactly the same state in which our Orthodox Church is now. It is cut from the celestial energy. The Church exists, but the people have no systematic communication with the Holy Spirit right now.

In the old church, the bishops, in every sermon, were telling something new, directly from God, because they could see and hear the spiritual world; they mastered the art of symbolic divine thought.

If the symbolism is removed from the orthodox theology, then the theology loses its essence, like a fish, which can only be the first freshness. Knowledge about the orthodox symbolic language is absent in the synodal church, that means we have no theology. What is called today by this word means something quite different. It is a kind of discipline that studies not the subject itself, not Godand the Kingdom of Heaven in direct contact, but it studies scholars who were once involved in theology. That is to say, our theology is, in reality, a science about theologians, not about God. Here's aslysubstitution that occurred. Therefore, the synodal church is not very well with its mission, to say the least. The Church does not know how to bring people to Christ.

People want to hear a living Word of God. No printed and reprinted hundreds time from the books that were written, certainly, by Fathers of the Church, but it was said in a very different historical context. People want to know what God is specifically thinking about the current situation, the world in which we live now. What it is now called an academic theology, it's a dead fish, in fact, a picked fish skeleton. For this reason, we have all this mess in the church and in our country; it is because all our popular social system is not systematized around the Word of God. The social system can be only one, as it was originally created by our Lord; and the Lord has created a social system as His own body, so it must be systematized around the Logos. That is not happening now, that is why our people are disunited and all affairs disintegrate, the mission does not develop, in general.

In ancient times, people rushed in churches, because there was nothing sweeter to man that sacred knowledge of the mysterious Wisdom of God. In the Book of Wisdom of Sirach is said: " Come unto me, all ye that be desirous of me, and fill yourselves with my fruits. For my memorial is sweeter than honey, and mine inheritance than the honeycomb." It no longer exists today; the people do not go to church because the Synod theologiansfeed uswith rottenfish bones.




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