The problems, which resolution was postponed for many years, have reached critical mass. Now the truth is released and when it will reach a consciousness of Orthodox people, very interesting events will happen in our Church and they will develop roughly. This is due to the fact that the truth is shocking. As it is stated in a famous movie: «The king is wrong!»

The problem is that our Russian Orthodox Church, which is a main purpose of life for many people, which is a key value for people, our church iscounterfeited, it is false. The fact that it is only counterfeited by half, so to speak, does not bring much relief. And the secret is known by those in power, because this is a secret of their reign throughout the last century.

The Church is counterfeited; the people have lost a connection with God, the Reason of Christ, and became a flock of sheep easily manipulated. Now, it’s a time of awakening, a time of fundamentally new historical events. The synodal system was originally designed as a time bomb.Since it is an administration system of all hierarchy, the whole Church found itself undermined from top to bottom. And what will happen afterwards depends on each of us. Or the bomb will explode and will blow the whole Church and the country, after which the world will collapse, as we know. Or we will demine it carefully.

If we choose the way of pride, arrogance, mutual contempt, if our officials, our leaders will continue to despise the ordinary laymenand the laity, to whom the Lord gives the key of God’s Wisdom at this moment, if the laymen will despise the officials, there will be a mess, a real madhouse. And, as usual, the third force will benefit from this chaos, according to the principle «divide and rule».

Thus, we have a solution: to admit our mistakes with humility and love, listen to one another and restore the lost positions. The Church is a living organism, and if officials do not fulfil their duties, if a central nervous system does not respond to numerous signals which are sent by whole body, then the simple cells take responsibility of salvation of the entire organism, that is to say, the simple laymen.

Each biological cell contains a set of DNA code, all information about the entire organism, so each baptized heart contains the entire Christ, and with some diligence, the man is able to know himself until the end, and God,the Word,is in the end. And a man, by knowing himself, is capable to know the mystery of Christ's Church and get a clean genetic code of Orthodox faith, at the end of the way.

Let’s imagine that an apple is a whole system of knowledge, and now let’s cut it by half. This will give us half an apple. And if I continue to say that I have a whole apple, I will be a liar, because a whole apple is a little different, I take only half an apple in my hand.

It turns out, in fact, that an ecclesiastical bureaucracy throws dust in the eyes of Orthodox people for years now. This is done unconsciously, in general, because everybody is not initiated into the secret of Bolshevik power, but it does not remove the responsibility, because if our leaders are not competent in their field, this is a criminal incompetence, because it is about a management of Church of God, on which depends salvation of millions souls.

So the secret of Bolshevik regime is that an official academic theology contains only a half of Jesus Christ, while they always tell us that the synod has a fullness of Orthodox faith, the Holy Synod is a defender of the purity of orthodoxy. However, it does not correspond to reality. After the hierarchs, the entire church continues to play hide and seek, children and old people. They all look at a half an apple, like hypnotized, see many problems in our Church, realize that our Church is half a dead, it lacks the essential, sobor and Love, and continue to claim that this is an entire apple, that the Church retains the fullness of truth.

Therefore, I have a constructive suggestion: let’s stop pass for fools, let’s stand fromthe head to the feetand begin to solve complex problems that neither the patriarch nor the Holy Synod are not able resolve. To solve the problems that have accumulated over the centuries, we must be free of system, so the process of purification and recovery must be initiated by the bottom of Church hierarchy, by ordinary laymen. It's the only possible way. There are ordinary Soviet people at the head of Church; they are not gods or saints. They are just like all of us, mutilated by Soviet reign. Our priests are as blind as a herd. This is a situation in which we find ourselves.

The church leaders, in fact, have very big problems to distinguish right from wrong, the truth from an imitation of truth. This is a problem not only of our hierarchs, but also of all people. Everyone is in a state of blind, so I do not want to throw all blame on one person, the patriarch.

This is absolutely not constructive because not only the patriarch, but also those who criticize him are blind and do not see that we are missing a half of Orthodoxy. They don’t see that, in reality, we are all members of Church which is Orthodox only by half, concocted by freemasons, in addition. All this is a diversion. And the state, in which the Russian Orthodox Church lives today, is in fact a mockery both of God and people. Because Christ, when He created his Holy Church, put completely different senses and objectives.

And now, after we have succeeded, as a result of many years research, to restore the entire system of knowledge of Orthodox Church, in its integrity, we can say that our priests and parishioners are Orthodox only by half, in fact, they are laymen by half, deacons by half, priests by half, archpriests by half, and it turns out that we do believe in God by half.

This was the first introduction of a new cycle. Then we'll talk more specifically about a missing half. The information is received from the first hand, directly from the Holy Spirit, our mysterious Creator.



# 1600 megatons of truth. Part I. The countdownGabriella 2018-01-23 11:58
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