The foundation of the Сhurch

The stumbling block

So what is correct form?

Ложь на поток!
The large-scale lie

The foundation of the Сhurch

All this incredibly confusing situation with rites, sign of the cross with two fingers, double hallelujah, prosphoras, particles, orientation of the procession and many other things, can be unravelled through the formula of the time, because all the rites are based on this platform. The Divine Office is a mystery, by its essence, a kind of staging, where is interpreted the life of the divine-human Kingdom of the Holy Trinity. In other words, this is a presentation of the Project of God which reveals the world order of the future century. This is the essence of the Liturgy. Only this is not a game, obviously, but the introduction into the real life of the divine-human kingdom.

The Liturgy is a being, while the model of being is a formula of the time. As we have already said, the Lord created two states of being: one is fragmented, the second is integral. The first being is like a pyramid: it tends to gather, by its four fragmented sides, in an integral top. And as soon as the chastity is achieved, a link is laid between our created human world and uncreated world of the Saviour. Then, dressed in an integral state, the saints pass into the existence of God, that is, inherit salvation and eternal life. In such a way is structured the Holy Church.

The Divine Office is based on the formula of the time, because it reflects the nature of the Lord, that is, the God-Man.

The stumbling block

To destroy the Christian world order, the cunning Jews have deliberately tangled, for several centuries, the formula of the time. Now, it is impossible to establish the truth on any formal sources, originals documents or translations.

To correctly translate the meaning of a particular text, it is necessary to know the subject, that is to say, to understand the difference between time and eternity. Times can be numerous, eternity is always one. And only with malicious intent is possible to turn the phrase “for all eternity” into an oxymoron “for all the eons”, which in Russian sounds as “for all centuries”. It is sheer nonsense, because the eternity does not exist in the plural.

In fact, the authors of the Holy Scriptures tried, in different ways, to transmit a simple idea on time, gathered in an integral eternity. From this idea was born a special word form, something like a double number. Nowadays, the double number is not used. Only some words are preserved, such as: eyes, ears, legs, arms. We can speak about a single organ, but define it in the plural, for example, when something fell into eye, we ask: "Did you wash your eyes? " What is plural, by its nature, gets such a form.

The similar situation is with the theology of the time. Here it is not just about eternity, as such, but about the concept of Christianity. It consists of gathering all being in whole. Therefore, the same Greek word has a double meaning: on the one hand, it is a lot of centuries, and on the other - a single integral century. Well, it turns out something like “singularity-plurality”" or “chastity”, all the wisdom gathered in the One Christ. That's all. Without understanding the nature of the New Testament church, it is impossible to make the correct translation. The letter will not help here, we must understand by spirit.

So what is correct form?

If we analyze all available sources, ancient and modern, handwritten and printed, we’ll see that the formula of the time, in the same text, has, virtually, the entire range of translations. In this table are gathered all the meanings of the Greek word “century” in Holy Scripture. As we can see, that is full pluralism and freedom of opinion. It is translated in the plural, and in the singular, as aeon - eternity and as a century. The same arbitrary reign in all Russian translations, made during the synodal period.

Let's see what the situation before the start of printing was and try to understand if the printing of books was really necessary. Let’s take, for example, the sixth verse of the first chapter of the Apocalypse of St. John. This is a handwritten version of the Apocalypse of the fifteenth century. Somewhere far away in Germany, Mr. Johann Gutenberg invented his infernal machine, but no book in the Cyrillic alphabet has been printed yet. Russ lives without printing and continues copying manually the sacred texts, from one century to another. And for centuries it does not cause any problems. So, we can read: “... and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen” (Revelation 1:6). And now, let’s look at the original text.

On the Internet you can find a library of Greek papyri of the end of XIII century, containing one of the oldest publications of the New Testament. So, let’s look: the papyrus number 18 contains the beginning of the Apocalypse of St. John. This is the first chapter, verse from fourth to seventh. This is the era of the great Cappadocian. The Christian church is in the highest degree of its development.

All well-known translations of the Apocalypse were mainly made from this artefact. It is lost in some places, but scientists, comparing it with other manuscripts of the time, could recover the entire text. So look how are presented in Greek four recovered verses. We are lucky because the fragment with the formula of the time, that interests us, remains intact. It is here: the fourth line from the bottom. Select, copy, transfer to Google and get a literal automatic translation. However, we can see immediately that the second word “ever” is completely absent from the original.

Now, let's look at modern translations. They are also made from this original text. We get something like this: “... and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father— to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen”. Here, in principle, everything is OK, except of course, the last word “for ever and ever”. Google provides a more correct version. The glory and power of God are in the One Eternity, not in centuries. Therefore, if we use the word “century”, it must be used in the singular, as it was done at the time of Holy Russia.

The century is the One Eternity, centuries is multiple times. Everything is simple here.

The large-scale lie

Here are a couple of the sixth verse translations from different authors. Here also, the second word “centuries” is nonexistent. Also, please pay attention that in the original, it is about a kingdom, and not kings. The Lord gathers Christians into a single kingdom of priests, He does not make everyone a king and a priest, as written in the falsified Synodal Version.

It is possible to be a priest of God only in a Sobor, not individually. Let’s look now at falsified translations, the trail of which leads to the Bible Society. This is a typical Masonic organization. The anagoges of Bible societies were created in all Christian countries. Their appearance is associated with the transition from manual to mechanized printing methods.

At the beginning of the XIX century, the right-hand engines and rolling paper began to be used in printing. The print runs started to grow exponentially. The mission of Bible societies consisted in mass distribution of the distorted Holy Scriptures. All the texts were finally modified in such a way that in the XIX century the church received a completely new teaching, in fact, detached from Christianity, founded by Saviour and apostles.

Suppose, in our example with the sixth verse, the "kingdom" was replaced by the "kings" and "eternity" by "centuries and centuries", which completely changed the essence of the New Testament teaching. Literally, turned it upside down. And the last word added is an absolute impudence. Some modern translations put it in brackets, to be honest. Usually, in such a way are specified the lost fragments, which are completed by researchers, guided by the general context. However, in our case, we can see that this word is completely absent from the original text. In synodal editions, there is no trace of brackets, that is to say, we are talking about an absolute falsification, both in form and meaning.

Welcome to reality

Thus, if we compare the third century Greek original with the Slavonic manuscript of the fifteenth century, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion that before the start of printing, the Orthodox Church possessed the most accurate translation of the New Testament, and everything that later happened to the church, Russia and Russian people, is a result of a well-planned action. We are on the threshold of great events that the church has ever experienced in its history. Absolutely all the printed books of the Holy Scriptures are malicious fake.



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