Why did none of the starets point at the main reason of all the processes of apostasy?

We need to withdraw people from spiritual torpor, so no one will be spared. We must tell the truth, tell how things really are, and not as we want them to be.And we know very well what people want. People want to soothe their conscience, to find some support in this crazy world, on which they could rely, even shift the responsibility before God, and say that everything is not so bad finally. Here, there is a place somewhere on earth, where holiness acts as in ancient times, when the Church preserved all the commandments of Christ.

Sure, time is difficult today, it is apostasy. But, in general, the Church preserved its values, and it would be possible to show, as in the army, an exemplary object, where everything is according to the order. If Christ comes, we will tell Him: "Look, Lord, it was difficult, but we preserved Your Bride. It is still pure and immaculate. " However, this is not the case in reality. The Church did not preserve its values, the whole church, including Athos and the monasteries which are in poor condition.

The global apostasy is, in fact, the result of tectonic changes that affected the essence of Orthodoxy. The Bride of Christ is not only unpreserved but disfigured, literally, brought out of all recognition. The Bride is practically dead. The pulse is thready. And everybody is used to it, actually. Everybody are accustomed that the Church is half dead and stays somewhere on the backyard of civilization, important is do not poke the nose into the affairs of progressive mankind. The Saviour spoke about our time: “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18: 8).

The best thing in the world for an Orthodox man is the monasticism of Athos. However, it is now in a state of crumbs thrown from the master's table. From this great holiness, which was in ancient times, remains absolutely nothing. We must not delude ourselves. In our soborial case to restore Christian faith, nobody will help us. As long as we’ll conduct our Project to the end, people will stay away looking at us. Quietly looking how we get out and let comments at every opportunity: "Well, they kick the bucket, finally!"

- Do not worry; we will not kick the bucket, because our Project is registered in Holy Scriptures. We came for a long time. Forever!

The faith is dead. It disappeared from the surface of the earth. Christians are no longer walking unknown paths, relying only on God. Today, people go only proven paths to have guarantee, a proof they are not in spiritual illusion and have no risk. They prefer have no responsibility, no effort of mind.

The muscles of mind are worked by the movement of faith, by constant jumps into the unknown. The jumps with one hope in God Who always picks up and open new horizons. In this way, the Church lived before and the monasticism was different. The monks were researchers, leading researchers, pioneers of the Kingdom of Heaven. They were the first to provide the Heavenly Bread and reveal it to the world. Therefore, the monasteries were centres of science and culture, as well as of spirituality. Nowadays, everything is upside down. Nowadays, the laity extracts the Bread of Heaven, and the monks do not even think about it, because everything is fine at home.

Athos pray, of course, and thanks to the feat of contemporary monks the Lord keeps the forces of chaos, ready to knock over this world, to reduce it into crumbs, at any time. However, the prayer without the Wisdom of God is like a tea that we are trying to prepare with cold water. Everything seems to be there, water and tea in the bag, and even sugar; there is even a fragrant smell, but without boiling water, it is impossible to brew tea, no matter how much we stir it with a spoon. Our entire Orthodoxy became like that. Something happens, but it's not tea, we fail tobrew tea.

The monks have asceticism, long divine services and other exploits. But desired result is absent. There is not that radiant holiness that surprised and shocked the whole world earlier.

Today the Church is sick and generates very weak Christianity which is not able to be the light and salt of the earth. There are specific causes and solutions to this situation.

The modern Orthodoxy, in all its forms and aspects, represents pitiful shreds which remain from the Church founded by Christ, the apostles, and the holy fathers. It is about fundamental changes, a lack of entire tectonic layers. And our modern Athos, so beloved and glorified, has nothing to do with the old monasticism, in fact. Nothing to do with ancient monasticism of St. Anthony the Great or Gregory Palamas.

In the mass consciousness, Athos is a bastion of Orthodoxy, preserving the faith in all its purity and integrity. The whole world lines up to Athos: presidents and patriarchs take to assault the Holy Mount to get advice and blessings. However, in reality, Athos is also in a state of half-blindness, as the whole Church. As long as we are unaware of this problem, we will remain in the darkness of confusion.

There are no guidelines, authorities and support points on earth nowadays. All eyes should be directed to God, only to God. The authorities do not see the reasons of crisis in the Church, in fact, that's why they keep silence about the main problem that synodal orthodoxy is a Masonic project. The Church has been substituted. "The king is false. “Why do not they talk about, those who should do it?”

It is still in the nineteenth century that St. Ignatius Bryanchaninov wrote that he could hardly find one monk throughout Russia. Traditionally, the monks are the main carriers of the spiritual power of God. But Athos, glorified in books, movies and photos, is silent. Why? Because they do not see obvious things or simply they do not want to do this routine and not very gratifying work. To say to brothers and sisters that the Jews have not only crucified Christ, but also substituted the Orthodox faith; there are very few people willing to do so, in fact.

We have only one Orthodox Church. It is one organism. It is not divided on Athos and the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. If there were enlightened holy people on Mount Athos, the whole Church would be enlightened. ButAthosremainssilent.

It’s time to wake up, to get out of the Babylonian yoke. Nevertheless, the process of awakening does not start properly, one more time. Not according to the rules. Not as it should be. Again, the prophet does not come from the Holy Mount Athos, but from the backwoods of Nazareth.

We look at the monk and the gray-haired starets, and expect wise words that could explain what is happening all around us and give vital landmarks to meet modern challenges. However, Mount Athos has still not understood, throughout the last century, that the knowledge about the Invigorating Spirit are completely removed from the orthodox doctrine. It remains only external inanimate shape. And if the monks of Mount Athos did not notice stealing of an elephant, on whom should we bring hope, ordinary laics? In reality, we can only rely on God, on His Holy Spirit. There is no longer choice. Here is an interesting story!

Let us understand this paradoxical situation. Why the holy Mount Athos cannot bear this burden? Why no one respectable starets hasn’t pointed out the main reason of all apostasy processes? After all, the crisis of civilization is solved very simply, in fact: we only need to reveal to the world the ancient Christian doctrine in its entirety, in all its mystical power. Imagine if it was the Mount Athos that had launched such preaching, if the videos of the Kingdom of Wisdom were prepared by the monks of the Mount Athos, and not by three charitable souls of our Sobor ?! Can you imagine what resonance, what incredible spiritual impulse could be produced?! The Church has finally opposed the prince of this world! The Orthodox people have their own project! A great common cause extending to Eternity! And we know the sake of what to unite, what to build!

"It costs nothing to dream"!

Why is it that we, mere lay people, have to do the work of those who are officially called to do it, those who have all the necessary conditions? Why not only Athos, but nobody began to gathersobor on this issue? I do not speak about a pan-orthodox, universal sobor, but some local sobor, of bishops at least? Or just organize some conference? Why the modern monks, who undoubtedly preserve sanctity, on the one hand, are as blind and zombified as the rest of humanity, on the other hand?

Let’s try to understand these complex issues. It is very important for us to learn to think in a spiritual way, in the system of the adult apostolic theology. This tradition is completely lost in the Church today. Nowadays, a rare disorder and confusion reign in minds of the Orthodox people. For example, we believe, almost without exception, that the path of monastic asceticism automatically leads to the knowledge of the higher theology. That is to say, if a man lives in a holy place, supposedly in Mount Athos, then, over time, he begins to understand the higher realms, for example, the weeks of Daniel or the Orthodox eschatology. In reality, this is not the case.

Man is not a robot and gets nothing like that, automatically. There are many opportunities to acquire holiness, and on each stage there is a development of the region of the soul, in which man puts more effort. The St. Seraphim of Sarov advised that everyone must do what brings the best result tohis spiritual life. That is to say, we must invest where profit is greater.

There is one Saviour, but plenty paths of salvation. In fact, each person goes on his own thorny path. However, there are two main paths: the one is a path of obedience and asceticism, the other is a path of ascension to the Kingdom of the Saviour through the knowledge of the Wisdom of God.

In the period before synod, throughout fifteen centuries, beginning with the Apostles, in fact, these paths were always combined. It's like the two halves of the brain: right hemisphere and left. Faith and knowledge are two components of the single mind. Similarly, the Son and the Holy Spirit are two angles of the single God the Father.

However, it should be understood that knowledge of God's wisdom is not acquired through ascetic exercises. They are two completely different directions. It's like the leg and arm muscles. If we will only develop biceps, our legs will stay week. However, in mass consciousness prevails diametrically opposite opinion, profoundly false convictions. The people are convinced that by working the arms muscles, the forces will automatically flow to the legs, in some unknown way. In other words, the asceticism should lead to the development of the theological mind. Thisisabsolutelyfalse.

The knowledge of higher wisdom is acquired exclusively in live and focused manner, by means of structured and streamlined germination of the mind into the higher spiritual realms. Here, it’s just as during the growth of young tree, which must be tied to a stick, so that it is not bent, the young shoots. The stick is the tradition of the Orthodox divine thought. We must know the holy Trinitarian structures, on which moves energy of spiritual thinking. These structures are shown in each icon, in fact, because these basic principles are essential for the acquisition of grace. And asceticism does not help here. We need to have concrete knowledge, a tutor, a catechist, somebody specialized in energography of icons and the energy of the divine office.

We can fast and pray lifelong before the icon "Christ in Majesty", and acquire an absolute purity of mind, but still remain an absolute ignoramus, that is to say, a fool.

Therefore, we must not delude ourselves. Modern monks, at whom the laity is looking with fascination, are like naive children in this regard, not able to contain solids. They are like the rest of the synodal system. Through asceticism is acquired purity of the mind, the soul is freed from passions and approaches God. However, even a child has a pure mind. To revive the Church and Orthodox state, we need not only to have a pure mid, but also an adult reasoning, capable to contain solid food. We need to have a mind capable to inscribe the Project of the rebirth of Russia into the Project of God. It is impossible to solve this problem by means of simple purity of mind.

Very few people make the difference between purity and maturity of mind nowadays. As a rule, an equal sign is placed between these concepts, and people believe that the path of asceticismautomatically leads to the maturity of the mind. There is a deep and very harmful error.

The tradition of adult divine mind is completely lost nowadays. It is lost everywhere on the planet, and not preserved even in monasteries. The world remains in deception and dellusion. The modern monasticism has little in common with these ascetics who were at the time of St. Anthony the Great.

The ancient monasticism was largely based on the principles of the Holy Trinity which rise the mind to God. Ancient monk was not only an ascetic, seeking to purify his mind, but also saint, capable to have godlike thinking. Now, this tradition is completely lost. Today, the most monks are not theologians. Now people even believe that it is not necessary to be a theologian. This is an absurd situation. It is established because of the lack of the true ancient theology. The Church does not know the essence of its teaching. Officially is taught a very new teaching, concocted during the synodal period. All ancient manuscripts had been burned.

The knowledge about the movement of the energy of prayer is always combined with practice, and this method has always gave the best result. However, the last center of theological monasticism was destroyed on Mount Athos at the beginning of the twentieth century. The imiaslavie (literally praising the name) is the quintessence of Orthodox theology, the fifth element, bringing the whole system of the knowledge of God in whole. However, by the efforts of the Holy Synod of the Russian Empire, the last centre of the living theology was destroyed in 1913, through the use of armed force, in fact.

Since then, Orthodoxy has changed beyond recognition. The Church has no mind, eyes, ears, head any more. The Church has ceased to represent a threat to the prince of this world. Therefore, the Freemasons were able to proceed to final dismantling of the traditional world order, and active construction of their Babylonian project on global scale. And Orthodoxy is so far in such a headless state. I emphasize once again that we are talking about the whole church, including Athos, Pochaev, Optina, and all this useless army of the synodal theologians.

It is very important to have a sober outlook on things and not fall under the general illusion.


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