«Indeed, when you should by this time have become masters, you need someone to teach you all over again the elements of the principles of God's sayings; you have gone back to needing milk, and not solid food. Truly, no one who is still living on milk can digest the doctrine of saving justice, being still a baby. Solid food is for adults with minds trained by practice to distinguish between good and bad» (Hebrews 5:12-14).

Christ is the same at all times, as well as the source of true knowledge, it's the Holy Spirit. Therefore, if man is not in spiritual delusion, if he receives information from a pure source, his path of knowledge leads to the same result, get by the holy fathers of old times.

One can destroy all the libraries, burn all the books and manuscripts, but it is impossible to hide the Holy Spirit for those who seek the face of God of Jacob.

Our Project re-established contact with the Holy Spirit, for the Glory of God. Our soborial mind is almost in the same condition as it was the case of the holy fathers of old times. And now we can talk about the original Christianity: how it was in apostolic times, in times of universal teachers, when there was no market of Orthodox literature and Internet.

The learning of the Word of God is divided into two parts. There is milky word, simple themes for beginners. They introduce into the swing of things, prepare the mind for the transfiguration, but do not induce transfiguration. The rebirth occurs as result of gathering of the mind into integral state. The integral state is the solid food. The solid food is above the midpoint. The milk is below. Anyone, who has matured to the understanding of solids, is sighted. Whoever lets milk bubbles is spiritually blind.

Now, people are very fond to justify the blatant irrationality and stupidity by all sorts of jokes, such as: “Where are simple things, hundred angels are present”. Nevertheless, the simple is what is assimilated by our mind. If the things are not assimilated, it does not mean that you have apostolic simplicity. This means that you are just stupid and not mature enough. It’s quite difficult to drive a car while sitting behind the wheel for the first time. Nevertheless, when it is mastered to perfection, then driving becomes so simple that man does not even think about. It’s the same in spiritual life. We need to work, to strain, and don’t justify our laziness and stupidity by all kinds of sayings.

We live in a very evil time. We cannot trust anyone. We have only God. The church authorities can no longer be trusted. The synodal system was created not for the salvation and enlightenment of the people by light of Christ Mind, but for a diametrically opposite purpose,for mental mass debilitation.To turn millions of Orthodox people away from Christ, by all sorts of good intentions, and lead them in the darkness of ignorance.To plunge the whole church in a state of total dementia. This is what the synodal system means.

Christ founded the Church to raise the mind of man to holiness, to wisdom, to birth from above, to the knowledge of things beyond the Creation. In this consists our Christian life: to mature from milk to solid food, to the knowledge of the supreme Divine Mysteries.The Communion is called: Communion to the Mysteryof Christ.

The synodal theology is not science for adult mind. It is entirely built on dairy food. The milk can be poured into a simple cup or a large number of receptacles of different shapes.It is possible to pour the milk for several centuries. It is even possible to consider this activity as highly intellectual and spiritual.In reality, all this remains the same milk not allowing our mind to get out of infant age.

The synodal theology is milk that has no relation with solid food of the holy fathers. Our church is in a state of total dementia. The bishops, theologians, monks, not to mention simple laity, all are attained by a profound form of intellectual dystrophy.And all this is done artificially. The Jews walked over the Orthodox Church. They substituted theology. The packaging remains the same, but the content has changed.

Previously, the theology of the holy fathers contained milk and solid bread. Nowadays, there is only milk. In addition, this milk is already so soured, toward the 21th century, that it is easier to throw it in the trash. Our synodal teachers do not realize it because, in their mind, they are themselves like a baby who is fed by milk. They are ignorant children. You give them a candy with an inscription "theology" on the packaging and they eat without thinking, taking everything at face value.And they feed the people with the same poison.

The Heavenly Kingdom is the world of integral century, and until the mind has not matured to assimilate the New Testament categories, the man is a baby.Even if he is a bishop in gold vestments. Even if he has gray beard going to the ground. All this does not mean anything.

For the Holy Spirit comes to live in the heart of bishops, for the bishops become holy in the truest sense of the word,because of the power of God, of the miracles, as it was the case in old church, and not by the name, as it is the case nowadays; it is necessary to grow, in mind, to the understanding of the aspects of being in the world of the future century.It is necessary to know and navigate the Kingdom of Heaven better than the earthly world, because we live here temporarily and there for eternity.

The heavenly bread of Good News is solid food. To build a temple of the Holy Spirit in our heart, we must leave the state of infant. The temple cannot be built on milky slush and honey.

The Temple of God is built of faceted stones of heavenly light. The Holy Spirit is energy of the integral and multifaceted Mind of God. To the Mind of Christ settles in our mind, it is necessary to grow from the liquid state, and mature to the state of the crystal of the Heavenly Jerusalem.

The spiritual mind is crystal and stone, not a milky mush. The spiritual mind is revealed when man goes out of the format of fragmented time, when he rises above this perishable world, and enters the territory of the New Testament integral time, the territory of solid food.Here, the higher angelic forces begin to act in our mind.

According to the will of God, they educate, edify, and transform man into a creature with divine thought.Only God can reward man with a Gift of theology.The Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov was indignant still in the twentieth century:Christ did not create academies. How is it possible to learn theology? It’s a supreme Gift.Only the Holy Spirit can teach theology.The Divine Word is taught by the son of man, that's absurd.It's like a group of older children in kindergarten who began to teach adult life to the younger group of children.They understand nothing.

The act of the transition from milk to adult food is called midpoint. The midpoint is a cornerstone of the Church of Christ. The midpoint is a half way from Easter to Pentecost. Through the resurrection, Christ restored the connection of humanity with the world of integral time that existed in Eden.However, to enter directly, to rise to the light of Tabor, to the transfiguration,it is necessary to rise first above the corruptible being, to enthrone over its three main floors.

When we go beyond the entropy of the time, it’s only beginning of our growth.In this position we are only in a infant state. And this is only half a way. From Mid-Pentecost to Pentecost, we are acquiring, like five wise virgins, the grace in the lamps of our soul. And if we manage to know the Project of God in its entirety, then the bride of Christ meets, on Pentecost, with the second half of the New Testament being, with her heavenly bridegroom.And then we enter the integral time of the future century world. This is why the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles on Pentecost.

Thus, the midpoint is the beginning of entering into a state of integral century. The Pentecost is a maturation point towards the height of Zion.When all earthly church rises to the height of the Mountain of the Lord, then occurs the marriage with Christ. The New Testament earth is connected with the New Testament heaven, and the integral century of Messianic kingdom manifests.

God created the world by means of refraction and dissolution of His life-giving force. He created heaven, earth and all that exists in the universe. Then, He created man and connected all the fragmented energies of Creation to his heart, on spiritual level. Thus, the Creation was in a state of half-being. Next, Adam and Eve should begin to put on the path of ascension to the knowledge of God, by gathering the entire world into a whole. And thus, they would rise, step by step, to the level of God.

The path of gathering of the world in whole represents second half of being. It is a state in which man rises above the Creation, goes out of its format and enthrones above the entire world.This is a midpoint. He's a king of the world now and a priest of God. Now he encompasses the entire being and sees it in its integrity.He brings together all the energies of the world, from its four corners, and raises them to God.

The energy of the Holy Spirit is Divine power. It cannot be subject to the Creation and below the created being.Therefore, for the mind of man combine with the Holy Spirit, it is necessary to rise above the Creation, that is, to climb the Mount of Zion and enthrone above the world. To enthrone above the world means to get the Throne from the Saviour. “Anyone who proves victorious I will allow to share my throne, just as I have myself overcome and have taken my seat with my Father on his throne” (Apocalypse of St. John 3:21).

It‘s here, at the level of the Saviour, seated at the right hand of the Father, is situated the Kingdom of the saints. Here will be laid the spiritual and physical connection on the Sixth Day, when the being, through the sobor of people who have understanding, will ripe to the state of the connection with the world of integral century.The physical world is subject, through the Saviour, to the human mind. If there are people who understand the categories of the future century world, then the physics of entropy change their propertiesand, following the sobor, rises up to the New Testament world. And then occurs a wedding of visible and invisible worlds.

The energy of heavenly time goes into our world and the miracles happen. “Even so also are the times of the Most High YAHWEH; the plain beginnings manifest in wonders and mighty powerful works, and endings in requital, effects and signs” (The 4th Book of Ezra 9:6).

It is approximately in these categories that operate the apostles, the holy fathers of old time.The true spiritual life begins only at the exit from the format of the corruptible being.In the old church, spiritual life began when man enthroned above Creation.And it was considered he had reached only the adolescent state of mind.

The contemporary church administration does not even put this goal on the agenda.In other words, it is about a total apostasy, an absolute loss of spiritual connection with tradition and God.The bishops do not know how to communicate with the Holy Spirit. They know only talk about grace. But the real grace is the energy of the Divine Mind, and it carries information.

What kind of information does the Holy Spirit communicate to our bishops during the past 30 years? Absolutely nothing. They do not even know that the system feeds them with milk during the entire life. Therefore, they do not know where to lead the church, the people. That is why they brought the church into heresy and madness.

So, dear brothers and sisters, our Project has a big responsibility. There in nobody to educate the Russian people. All the ecclesiastical hierarchy is paralyzed. Kindergarten is everywhere.Therefore, we must learn by ourselves, from each other and especially from the Holy Spirit.



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