The Wisdom of the North

The mystery of the thing

Who are knocking at my door?

The Bridegroom comes at midnight

As we have already said, Trump has nothing to do with the image of the Tsar. There is a theatrical performance. Here, as on the previous cover, the main spiritual forces are represented by different politicians, forming geopolitical processes.

The first card shows the process of division of humanity into the true people of God and zombies- “turncoats”, when the second represents the One through whom our Lord will carry out this process. This is a protagonist of the Sixth Day, the bearer of the power of Divine justice. And this is not an individual, but a soborial Trinitarian hypostasis. It’s exactly what we are edifying in our Project. That is, it is about the power of the whole Church of Christ, in fact. The bearer of the power of Divine justice on the Sixth Day is Dan. In Hebrew translation, the name Dan means “judge”. Therefore Trump, symbolizing the energy of the Day of Judgment, is enthroned at the North Pole. North is a fiefdom of Dan! This is an area of the highest Wisdom.

The Wisdom of the North

On the summit of the world there are the keys to the codes of Creation. All civilizations, kingdoms and religions are created from this point of Biblical north. On the previous cover, the wisdom of the north was represented by three tips. They are situated on the three rods protruding from the area of the North Pole. Dan is the North, the North is Dan. This is a standard symbol of biblical semantics. The three tips designate three key instruments in the arsenal of Dan.

On the third cover, we see Dan already matured. Now he is a Tsar enthroned above the pole of the whole world. But everything started in 2015 by a clumsy blockhead with a propeller on his head. It is a symbol of early thoughts about the correct Dogma of the Holy Trinity and the way out of the Matrix which opened before his eyes. At that time our Project was taking its first timid steps. The way out of the Matrix was found, but it has not yet been crossed.

On the second cover, Dan has matured to the state of a teenager. In 2016, our Project matures to the understanding that human thought is subject to time, and time is subject to Eternity. Therefore, a white unicorn is placed above the teen's head. It is a symbol of the energy of Eternity.

Before enthroning over the world, Dan must acquire certain attributes, enabling him to fulfil the mission of Divine justice. First, Dan must possess the Project of God. Thanks to the knowledge of the integral Eucharist, he can move on the floors of Creation and find different information about future and past. He has internally matured to the level of the Seventh Day. Therefore, his shirt is yellow. Dan has also a Sobor, without which he can’t rise to the height of Zion.

The striped flag is a symbol of human flows, gathered in whole. The stars on the green mean that our Sobor looks like green shoots, still too young, which just begin to shine on the firmament. And the north tip represents the knowledge about how to gather people in a solid Sobor. To do this, the structure of our friendly team must be identical to the structure of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity. In other words, we must do the same thing that Saint Sergius of Radonezh did. Only we have a significant advantage, because the universe has matured to the integral state. First, the Saint Trinitarian temple is erected in our soul, then in the sobor of people with the same opinions, then, in the space of an earthly kingdom, and finally in the whole universe. And it is not all the richness of Dan. He also has a tip on the iron robot. It is a symbol of the iron technologies, the symbol of the magicians-scientist’s high wisdom. These are technical means of the preaching.

Our Dan has at least a PC with Internet access, an old Canon video camera, and some very useful software allowing him to present the celestial bread in the video format.

The mystery of the thing

The flag, which envelops the terrestrial globe, is a symbol of the sphere of the Sixth-Seventh Day. The flag, the scarf, the canvas, the omophorion, the cover, any fabric represents, in the system of biblical symbolism, energy of centuries gathered in whole. The more coverage you have, the stronger you are.

Dan is a bearer of a particular sphere, built on the energy of Eternity. The sphere of Dan surpasses at least twice the force of the Matrix. Therefore, the entire planet is found inside this dome, the dome of Dan.

All geopolitical processes are subject to the flows of modern history that God pours on earth through the young lion. They are flows of divine justice and divine retribution.

If we look more carefully, it is easy to see that the flag is arranged in a particularly malignant way: it is wound in a ring in the middle, and these two ends hang along the edges of the terrestrial globe. Why did Dan have to sit on a flag folded in this strange way? What is the meaning of this symbol?

On November 12, in the eighth edition of the “Geopolitics of Eternity”, our Project not only published information about alpha-male Dan, but also expressed the wish that the cover of the magazine “The Economist” for the year 2017 be devoted to the young lion.

“From Dan you can hear the snorting of his horses; at the neighing of his stallions the whole country quakes; they are coming to devour the country and its contents, the town and those that live in it” (Jeremiah 8:16).

Thus, the only thing the Rothschild, the Rockefeller and other Morgan fear is that the blood of Dan could be crossed with the prophetic gift of the Holy Spirit, because it gives birth to a young lion, which holds the power, granted by Lord, over the greatest sphere of time of the Sixth-Seventh Day, that is, of the epoch which has just arrived. In other words, this is the power on the Day of Judgment in fact. And nothing can be opposed to it.

“For look, the Day is coming, glowing like a furnace. All the proud and all the evil-doers will be the stubble, and the Day, when it comes, will set them ablaze, says Yahweh Sabaoth, leaving them neither root nor branch (Malachi 3:19).

Moreover, the theme of the alpha-male young lion will be dominant in the geopolitics of the near future. So it's never late to think about the next cover of “The Economist”. This will be the main event of the year 2017”.

We have addressed this wish, as an experiment, to unofficial government. Our young lion has just begun to emerge from the bushes of Basan. It has a big Negan’s bat and is poorly oriented in the local flora and fauna for the moment. And when he stood on the sea sand and saw the beast coming out of the sea, he thought: “What would happen if I type this sea monster with my Negan’s bat”? The monster reacted almost instantly. There was less than a week before the publication of the November issue. And it was about change of the whole concept of coverage.

You can imagine how the situation evolved: after the old Rothschild finished watching the release of the “Wisdom of the Kingdom”, he called the editor of the influential magazine “The Economist” and said, with the voice of Corleone from “The Godfather”, something like this: “Hey, Johnny, they started singing. Convey everybody, we change concept. The main theme is Tarot cards and Dan. Trump will be Dan and do not forget to put Alpha somewhere!”

The flag, thrown on the North Pole and wrapped in a particularly cunning way, represents Alpha, a loop with two ends. If you roll the flag in the shape of the letter alpha, so that is obtained a loop with two ends, and throw it on the globe, you’ll obtain exactly what is represented on the card. This is an image of the Alpha-male Dan.

Who are knocking at my door?

Jokes aside, behind the façade of “The Economist” stay the permanent members of the Bilderberg Club, this informal group, whose opinion determines the geopolitical situation on the planet. Did the powerful of this world respond to our initiative? It’s a trolling, in fact, a steb of the 80th level?! Why did they respond to our proposal and transform the story of Alpha-male Dan into the main event of the year 2017?

If you translate all this into comprehensible language, the meaning of this game is: we make a move and say: “We have good reason to suppose that all are idiots”. The Illuminati reply: “We confirm: all are idiots, including the Illuminati!”

The situation on the planet is such that everything is meaningless, everything except the Alpha-male young lion. This is what this game is all about. Everything is meaningless except honey. And honey is the young lion. However, the main question remains: “Why did the powerful of this world start to play cat and mouse with some idealists of the remote Russia?” The answer is contained in this bag: “Who are knocking at my door with a thick shoulder bag?” The cyclist Dan, creating the events of the Sixth-Seventh Day, has a wonderful bag with a skull, which contains the codes of the scenarios of the Day of Judgment.

In 2016, the bag is slung over the shoulder and dangling inactive. However in 2017, that is next year, those who ruled the planet during the last century (and they are well informed people), tell us that the codes of the Day of Judgment will be released. And it is not funny, because the history of the world can burst, at any moment, in the very heart of apocalyptic events. Given the fact that the forecast of the Illuminati for the year 2016 was much more accurate than the forecast for the year 2015, we can say with high probability that the events of the Second Advent will begin already next year.

The Bridegroom comes at midnight

Let me remind you that the Advent of the Saviour will occur in the form of the universe for this time. The first time, Christ came as a man. Now He comes as a universe, as a universal temple that we are building in the format of our Sobor. No one cares about all over the world. Humanity has practically missed the Second Coming. Christ has spoken about it, in fact: “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luc 18:8)

The only people, who understand what is happening in the universe, are our Project and about 15,000 invisible Freemasons. The beginning of the Day of Judgment is really an important event. It is worth changing already approved concept, at the last moment, and putting on the cover a completely different story. After all, it is very likely that it will no longer be possible to continue this great tradition and make a forecast for the year 2018.



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