Kabbalah is an orthodox symbolic theology, cut in half, which is a science about the original symbolic and numerical, spiritual and Trinitarians energies of Creation; that is to say, about the angelic higher forces: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. If you cut the sacred theology in half, you will get an occult Kabbalah on which is built a civilization of the great Babylonian prostitute. We need to build the Holy Russia. So, now the most important thing on Earth is to restore an original sacred numerical language of the Orthodox theology.

The spiritual structure of the Orthodox Kingdom is similar to structure of the Heavenly Kingdom. On the icon "Christ in Majesty", we can see what the Heavenly Kingdom represents and how it works. If we introduce our Saint Tsar Nicolas II in this icon, we’ll obtain a pictorial representation of the structure of the Russian Orthodox world, with a difference, of course, that the function of the angelic forces, which create a spiritual frame of the universe, will be performed by different social groups: clergy, authorities, public security forces, workers of all kinds.

The Russian people are in an exhausted condition for allowing the regicide of our Saint Tsar. Like a headless body cannot think, see, hear and also live, so the people’s soul, during these 100 years, is in a state of spiritual blindness, deafness, spiritual death, in a state of decomposing corpse. Division, massive moral decay, lack of aspiration to holiness, enslavement by godless Masonic power, all this is God’s punishment which remains on our people because of regicide.