The spiritual structure of the Orthodox Kingdom is similar to structure of the Heavenly Kingdom. On the icon "Christ in Majesty", we can see what the Heavenly Kingdom represents and how it works. If we introduce our Saint Tsar Nicolas II in this icon, we’ll obtain a pictorial representation of the structure of the Russian Orthodox world, with a difference, of course, that the function of the angelic forces, which create a spiritual frame of the universe, will be performed by different social groups: clergy, authorities, public security forces, workers of all kinds.

Human society is arranged in exactly the same way as the angelic hierarchy, there are seraphim- people carrying love to people, there are cherubim-people carrying the wisdom, there are thrones- people who are statesmen, creating a kingdom for people, there are people of power, people of domination, people of management etc. As a result, we have the human earthly world, living in the image of the heavenly world. This is the whole universe, and as the whole universe of created being is based on a single God-man, Jesus Christ, the Russian universe rests also on one man, on God's anointed.

Therefore, if this key figure is destroyed, then a universal catastrophe occurs. The Russian world is literally disconnected from the power of divine grace. This equates to a TV antenna, when the cable is cut, an image disappears instantly, and a chaotic noise appears on the screen; the infernal forces come to the arena of history and the world plunges into all kinds of disasters. The Russian world exploded when we lost our tsar, and so far our country is in a state of chaotic noise.

Without our tsar, the anointed of God, our people have no spiritual carcass to be structured in the traditional system, and this is done by divine grace which edifies each member of the kingdom, gives an understanding of God's will and his place in the system of popular life.

Through the sacrament of anointing for the kingdom, the people conclude a special agreement with God, the dispensation of grace begins to pass through tsar, and these flows of invisible divine light, coming from heart to heart, bind all Orthodox people in a single social saint organism. However, if people violate this vow, then the Sun of Christ's grace ceases to bring light, a solar eclipse occurs, people are immersed in spiritual darkness and a green light is open to the forces of chaos.

This is exactly the situation that is described in the famous fairy tale written by the Freemason Chukovsky "The hidden sun." As you remember, it contains a reptilian - a crocodile, a symbol of chaos, which swallows the sun of the Orthodox world.

With Orthodox autocratic power, our people get very abundant grace that structures the whole state life and allows bringing its being to the level of sanctity. The spiritual staples, about which the president spoke, are not able to create a state resource. The state machine is a human power, and man, by himself, cannot pull out of the swamp.

When our future Russian Tsar will be anointed to the throne, a miracle will happen. Imagine that there is a light in the heart of every Orthodox person, the cables bind us to each other, and the main cable of this garland of Holy Russia comes to the heart of God's anointed, our future tsar.

And when he will be enthroned, this whole garland of Russian world will be connected to the source of divine light; that's when God's grace will flow from heart to heart, and all our people will light up andshine by a wonderful heavenly light.




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