The Russian people are in an exhausted condition for allowing the regicide of our Saint Tsar. Like a headless body cannot think, see, hear and also live, so the people’s soul, during these 100 years, is in a state of spiritual blindness, deafness, spiritual death, in a state of decomposing corpse. Division, massive moral decay, lack of aspiration to holiness, enslavement by godless Masonic power, all this is God’s punishment which remains on our people because of regicide.

This crime is in fact as serious as a betrayal and crucifixion of the Saviour. The ancient Hebrews were punished for this sin by spiritual blindness and dispersion; the whole people, not only the direct participants of these events. The same damnation fell on Russian people, and this damnation is still in effect. We continue to be in blindness and dispersion. The damnation, like a computer virus embedded in a core of the processor, lies in heart of every Russian person and works on a deep spiritual level that precedes thinking. We are just going to think about something, and the curse has already formed a certain direction of our further reasoning, and this poisoned vector does not allow Russian thought to find answers, for nearly 100 years, to the causes of the tragedy of the 20th century, does not allow us to achieve national unity and a revival of the Orthodox kingdom.

However, there are limits and deadlines for everything. There are certain spiritual laws in relation with the structure of Creation. As you know, man is a microcosm in macrocosm, that is to say, each person can shape all Creation in his own mind.

This system is represented on the icon “Christ in Majesty”. Each person carries his own universe. Our Tsar, as God's Anointed, is a carrier, in spiritual plane, of the universe of the whole people. In other words, if the Lord Almighty contains in him a being of all Creation, the Tsar - a being of the entire Russian world.

It is important to understand that the Russian world is not only a name of our civilization, not only a name of a particular way of life of the Russian people, built on the ideals of the Orthodox faith. As God is " "I AM WHO I AM ", because He has a spiritual essence; the Russian world is a spiritual entity that actually exists and that entity has the same structure as Creation.

The Russian world is woven, literally, with the holy spiritual forces, similar to those represented on the icon "Christ in Majesty". Thus, if the entire Divine Creation is, so to speak, a soul of the Saviour, we all live inside of God, then the Russian world, in spiritual plane, is a soul of God's Anointed.

I would draw your attention to wonderful words of Scripture, which refers to the revival of the fallen people. These events are described, literally, as a creation of the universe: " I put my words into your mouth, I hid you in the shadow of my hand, to spread out the heavens and lay the earth's foundations and say to Zion, 'You are my people'." This is from the prophet Isaiah.

So, to free us from this damnation, we must, first of all, realize an extent of committed sin. The Tsar is not only a head of the people; the Tsar is a carrier, a direct incarnation of the entire Russian world and after having allowedthis monstrous crime, we have literally destroyed a universe of Russian world, we burned our own home; that is why the Russian people are still homeless and are not a master of his own country.



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