Kabbalah is an orthodox symbolic theology, cut in half, which is a science about the original symbolic and numerical, spiritual and Trinitarians energies of Creation; that is to say, about the angelic higher forces: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. If you cut the sacred theology in half, you will get an occult Kabbalah on which is built a civilization of the great Babylonian prostitute. We need to build the Holy Russia. So, now the most important thing on Earth is to restore an original sacred numerical language of the Orthodox theology.

Let’s suppose that an integral Creation, which consists of Heaven and Earth in Christ, represents in itself four units. Or four pillars - Tetramorphs. The same four columns that are represented on the icons "Presentation of Jesus at the Temple", "Presentation of Mary", "Circumcision of Jesus," "Annunciation" etc.

In turn, each unit represents a beam of Trinitarian light. Therefore, it also has another value - number "3". In other words, on the outside - number "1" and on the inside - number "3". Or vice versa. We note "1" and get "3" in mind. All is according to the Dogma... Thus, one ofnotation options of Creation in Christ has a formula "333 + 3". It is exactly this structure that priests lay out on diskos. "333" is Creation, created by disintegration and refraction of the Trinitarian light. Another particle "3" is the Mother of God that connects, in Herself, the fragmented energies of Creation. Andsowegetan integralLambwhichwecommune.

If we consider the structure of Creation, from the perspective of anthropology, then each finger represents a ray of Trinitarian light. Therefore, one finger, but three phalanges. One in three, and three in one. The Dogma ...

The Man God Almighty has four fingers on his right hand - this is Heaven. And four fingers on his left hand represent Earth. Then, the heavenly "1111" connect with the Earthly "1111" (the same constructions of eight columns on the icons) under the direction of two big fingers which represent a man. Man is composed of Heaven and Earth, a heavenly and an earthly man. The one is the Son of Man (an earthly man), the other is a Heavenly man, that is to say, God. Thus, 1111 + 1111 = Christ. In other words, this is a nimbus with eight sides.

The transfigured Heavenly Jerusalem has an identical formula which is a formula of "the Bride of Christ." The Earthly Church is a Bride "1111" which is connectedcrossed with the Heavenly Church - Christ "1111": 1111 + 1111.

The "plus" means a crossing, so it is used here a sign of the cross. Upon addition, one energy is added to another and we just receive two different energies, connected together.

The multiplication sign is also a cross. But here, the crossing is made in another way. Now, two different energies are mutually enhanced at the expense of resources of each other. Here, occurs an effect of the Sobor that we are prevented doing here. Therefore, wehaveachievedit elsewhere.

The simplified formula of the transfigured Creation (the Heavenly Jerusalem) is as follows: 22 + 22. This is a formula of one hand, the formula of the right hand of our Lord God Almighty that our future king will possess. All the strength is here... The Apocalypse has the same spiritual and symbolic structure. Because this book is devoted to Heavenly Jerusalem, which is woven with an integral Trinitarian energy of holiness. Therefore, in chapter 22 of the Apocalypse, which symbol is an earthly horizontal that is a field of action of the victorious power of Christ (the Rider on a white horse). And further 22 verses, on the vertical in the 3rd chapter, are devoted to ascension to seventh heaven. This is a vertical of Trinitarian light. An iron sceptre, a morning star, the Eucharist.

Thus, the transfigured Creation is Earth + Heaven: 22 + 22.
If Creation is not transfigured (the Earth has not yet been crossed with Heaven), then we obtain a formula of disunited post sinful world: 11 + 11.
If we completely remove the Heavenly component, that is to say, the perspective to connect Earth with Heaven, we’ll get the number "11". It is a soulless earth-flesh. Two towers of the World Trade Center is a symbol of the New World Order, a soulless animal kingdom.

If we convert "11" in the format of the Trinitarian energy, we get "3 and 3 ", which gives "6" as a whole. Therefore, the two bars in a barcode are "6". Verstehen?

If we translate "11" in full Trinitarian format (according to Dogma), then we obtain "333 and 333".
Thus, the formula of Creation in full Trinitarian format (the Heavenly Jerusalem) is as follows:

333 333 (11)
333 333 (11) Heaven

333 333 (11)
333 333 (11) Earth

Therefore, 3 3 3 3 + 3 3 3 3 = 12 + 12 = 24
24 elders represent the fullness of time, an integral time, the Eternity. OrthehumanityoftheOldandNewTestaments.

12 x 12 x 1000 = 144000
This is already a structure of an integral Kingdom of Man-God. It is a formula of Holy Russia, the new people of God we have to build from zero, from the beginning of the spiritual and symbolic structures, from the upper angelic energies of the Holy Trinity, reflected through the language of a sacral and symbolic arithmetic. This is a basis of the orthodox theology. Thus, there is an essence of blessing and invigoration. The door into mysticism and miracles. This is an original language of the Eucharist on which is written the Sacrament.

If the formula of Creation

333 (1)
333 (1)
333 (1)
333 (1)
is cut in half, then we obtain

333 (1)
333 (1)
i.e. 666, the number of beast.

Therefore, in order to cut the Russian Kingdom from Heaven, 11 people were symbolically killed ... At the time of ritual murder in Ipatiev House, there were 11 people: the royal family, consisting of 7 people, and 4 members of service staff. Obviously, the Judeo-masons needed the number "11" (an apprentice chef, who was the 12th, was sent back home at the last moment).

Well, I repeat one more time, that the people had not even felt the true Orthodox theology. It had been replaced by a Masonic forgery. Senseless and merciless...




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