The essence of the Chosen Man’s era is based on the principle of the Lord's Coming on the sixth-seventh day. And it is not about the Second Coming yet. If 2,000 years ago, God came down from Heaven and incarnated into humanity, the situation is diametrically opposite now. Nowadays, this is humanity which rises to Heaven to animate the flesh in Christ through the Spirit. And when it happens, God’s power will manifest on the Day of Wrath of the Lamb.

It is exactly about this phenomenon that it is told in the following sentence: "When the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?"(Luke 18: 8). The Second Coming will take place at the end of the world, when all mankind will be resurrected for the Last Judgment and the history of the world will stop. There will be no room for any activity on earth. It will be no longer possible to change anything and meaningless to seek faith. Therefore, it is about the Day of the Wrath of the Lamb. The Lord will work through the saints, will preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and it is in this moment that it is necessary to seek the faith on the earth.

If we consider this issue in the context of the whole parable, the situation becomes even more evident:

1 Then he told them a parable about the need to pray continually and never lose heart.

2 'There was a judge in a certain town,' he said, 'who had neither fear of God nor respect for anyone.

3 In the same town there was also a widow who kept on coming to him and saying, "I want justice from you against my enemy!"

4 For a long time he refused, but at last he said to himself, "Even though I have neither fear of God nor respect for any human person,

5 I must give this widow her just rights since she keeps pestering me, or she will come and slap me in the face." '

6 And the Lord said, 'You notice what the unjust judge has to say?

7 Now, will not God see justice done to his elect if they keep calling to him day and night even though he still delays to help them?

8 I promise you, he will see justice done to them, and done speedily. But when the Son of man comes, will he find any faith on earth?'

Here, by way of the unrighteous judge, the Lord shows us the period of the fifth day, the period of the triumph of Babylon. The widow is a church, an Orthodox people people who suffered privations of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and "cry day and night" of injustice, cruelty and indifference of the existing system.

On the other hand, the Orthodox people were prompted to seek the ways of liberation, because of so hard, literally unbearable for spiritual life, conditions. Thus our project, in particular, has risen to the height of the Mountain of the Lord. So, we are preparing the way for the Lord's Coming on the Day of the Wrath of the Lamb: “Look, I shall send my messenger to clear a way before me. And suddenly the Lord whom you seek will come to his Temple...“ (Malachi 3:1).



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