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The Chosen One is a protagonist of the Sixth-Seventh day. In the Scriptures, his image has several specific characteristics, according to which we can get an idea on his identity, as well as on his time which he becomes the center of formation. This man is a chosen vessel in which operates the integral power of the Almighty. Therefore, the Chosen One is called the “Rider on the White Horse”. The white color is an integral pillar of the ascending eucharistic force.

As a personality, this man represents nothing without the power of God; he does not exist, so to speak, he is entirely devoted to the service of the Lord. In this consists the meaning of his life. In the Bible texts, the Chosen One is represented as a movement of an ascending spiritual flow, as a process, which begins with the formation of the prophet, and reaches its highest point in the phase of becoming the King of the World.

Regarding the order of the spiritual forces, the Chosen One is an image of the Son of Man coming from the left side. On the right side is the Angel of the Covenant. Behind is the Lord of Spirits (Sabaoth). Ahead, at the junction of two flows, is enthroned the Ancient of Days. The energy of the Chosen One is presented in two ways (depending on his two main missions): as a prophet who launches the Sixth Day, a builder of the Temple, and as a king, through whom the Lord enters suddenly on the Day of Judgment (Day of Wrath). Therefore, in the Bible, the image of the Chosen One is represented in two ways, as two different people (Zorobabel and Jesus), as well as one personality that gradually develops from the prophet to the king.

The spiritual image of the Chosen One consists of several main themes.


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