They all died

The stages of the Covenant’s formation

Judah, you're fired!

The mission of the Prophet

Forever together

To fix a broken thing, you need to have an idea of its normal state. To repair the crushed being of humankind, we need to get a clear idea of how the world should be in a normal state, as it had been originally designed by the Creator. To understand the essence of the mysterious connection between Jews and Christians, we need to master the whole situation and see the Project of God in its integrity. We must remember that the construction of the divine-human kingdom of the Holy Trinity is performed throughout the whole history of mankind. We must constantly keep in mind that all historical processes are based on the structures of the Trinitarian light. Therefore, when the apostle Paul envelops eschatology in a category of a dilemma, he does it not to produce an effect or show off his cleverness before the stunned audience. The categories of the dilemma are used in the simplest and most direct sense. This is not a metaphor, but a straightforward description of the spiritual and Trinitarian ties between the two branches of one people. Here the situation is similar to the Dogma of the Holy Trinity, where is simultaneously spoken about both Trinity and Unity. This is the same dilemma, because it seems, at first glance, there is nothing in common between unity and multiplicity. However, if we assemble the parts together, we’ll get again the whole unit.

The same situation exists between Jews and Christians. These are two sides of the same coin, a unique people who originally had a Trinitarian structure. From the very beginning, the essence of world history is reduced to the problem of building a Trinitarian sobor in its own right, a Trinitarian cell, capable to contain the divine light in its entirety. The sword menacing Adam is an inability to connect the two opposing currents of the human spirit in a Trinitarian union. Therefore, the gates of Paradise are kept closed. If we can’t create a Trinitarian union on earth, human being can’t be connected with God. Each time when the two halves of the same humanity can’t be gathered in whole, the devil gains ground for its activity and humanity begins to follow the path of sin and death.

This problem was present from the very beginning, with the sacrifice of the first brothers Cain and Abel. Abel succeeded to raise his tower to Heaven, while Cain failed. As a result, a parallel line of historical development emerged and humanity began to build a civilization cut off from the face of God, to build a world of sin and death. This path led to a dead end and the Cainite civilization was swept away by the waters of the great flood. The situation was repeated with the sons of Noah. Ham has closed on himself the energy of the Trinitarian sobor. As a result, mankind began to build a tower of his human name. The tower of Babel, built under the supervision of the Hamites, has again led to nothing. The story with Ham's act is not as primitive as it may seem at first sight. But we will not go into details at this time. Let’s leave the details for the next edition.

The goal of the Old Testament was to create two towers suitable to each other, like a screw to a nut. Before the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, no one could solve this problem. All the unions have constantly failed. Esau and Jacob still quarreled in the mother's womb. But Elizabeth's baby leaped in her womb, and she was filled with the Holy Spirit when she met the Virgin Mary. Elizabeth was in the sixth month of pregnancy, Mary in the third. Two thousand years have passed since the patriarch Isaac. And they were not in vain. The form finally came up to the content. The two halves of humanity have finally stopped arguing. It happened not only on the internal level, within the Jewish people, but also on the outside, on the scale of all humanity.

The birth of Jesus Christ became a pledge of the reunification of the Semitic half of mankind with the Japhetic half, where the sons of Noah did not succeed. Therefore, the Aryan kings, bearers of human wisdom, offered a sacrifice to the Semitic King of the kings who was a bearer of the divine nature. The content of the human being has finally been connected with the divine form. Then the first stable Trinitarian sobor has formed in the human population, capable of receiving the grace of the Holy Spirit.

However, the earthly universe was still in a state of time, so that the being of humanity was prone to fragmentation. Therefore, the devil possessed the ability to divide and destroy. Therefore, something happened that should naturally happen. The sword menacing Adam struck again the heart of the Trinitarian cell, and the Semitic half of mankind was again separated from the Japhetic half. The Jews and the baptized Aryans, that is Russians, found themselves on the opposite sides of the barricades. And the devil again got the opportunity to lead his bloody ball for another two thousand years.

The Jews incited the secular authorities against Christians, and organized persecutions. And the Christians, as soon as they regained their breath, expelled the Jews from all places, without allowing them to breathe. As a result, only the devil won. And to our days it is no longer a matter of a Jewish project or a Christian one, but it is a question of the completion of a human project in general. The Harvest is a destruction of all human activity, of all civilization.

They all died

In two thousand years of mutual destruction, the modernized synagogue and the modified church completely crushed the two bearing pillars of the Trinitarian sobor. It could not be otherwise. If there remains the least existential resource, the least particle of time, humanity will use it in the same way as Eve and Adam. Even the very last particle of time will always be used for the knowledge of evil in the first place. Even if only vital forces remain for one day, humanity will use it, to go primarily around all parts of the vice. It is only after having exhausted all the resources that the prodigal son begins to seek the way to the Father’s home.

Nowadays the situation is aggravated by the fact that there is nothing left at all. The resource of time is completely exhausted, in fact. And the movement of civilization stopped. The Matrix is blocked and nobody on the planet is able to suggest a way. Because there is no way left. There are no longer particles of time to complete a project. Civilization plunged into a coma, only the Lord supports life, despite the patient's condition, by a so-called artificial ventilation device. The world will continue to remain in this suspended state until we restore the Project of God and create a new form of time for the messianic era.

Today there is not even a way leading to the Father’s home. There is nowhere to return. Therefore, there is not even a possibility to repent, in fact. To understand the extent of our fall and bear fruit worthy of repentance, we must first see the height from which the Holy Russia collapsed. And to see the height, it is necessary to restore the two towers of the spiritual world order and to ascend to Zion. In order to build these towers, the entire history of the Covenant Project must be gathered in whole.

We must unite the two halves of Israel, the house of Judah and the house of Joseph, as it is said in the thirty-seventh chapter of the prophet Ezekiel. Judah is Jews who are now in disgrace, and waiting for their messiah.And the house of Joseph, whose wood is in the hand of Ephraim, is one of the ten tribes diluted in all mankind, that is, we are talking about the baptized Gentiles. This is Holy Russia of which there remains practically nothing today. And when these towers will be restored on a new basis, then the Covenant will be fulfilled and humanity will gather for all Eternity in the one people of God.

Here is the project we must present to the Almighty to revive the human being. However, I stress one more time, there remains no foundation today. The Jews completely lost and distorted the Old Testament project. Modern Judaism, in all its forms, is an annex to the Matrix, created by the Freemasons, in fact. Similarly, the Christians completely lost and distorted the New Testament project. The synodal orthodoxy is the same annex to the system of exploitation of the Matrix, of the New World Order. Therefore, Ezekiel says: Son of man, take a stick and write on it: "Judah and those Israelites loyal to him." Take another stick and write on it, "Joseph (Ephraim's wood) and all the House of Israel loyal to him."'Join one to the other to make a single piece of wood, a single stick in your hand” (Ezekiel 37:16-17).

Take a stick and write on it means to recreate a project. The Old Testament project, as well as the project of the New Testament, is in an untitled state, in a state where the name is absent. And if the object has no name, it does not exist and it’s not connected to the energies of being.

This is a situation in which the world is today! In reality, the world finds itself in a situation of non-existence. Consequently, the prophet Ezekiel described, in chapter 37, the state of humanity as an immense field strewn with dry bones. To save the Covenant project, it must first be restored in theory, tested in practice only after implemented in the form of the messianic kingdom with mankind really resurrected and the earth united with heaven.

“He said, 'Prophesy over these bones. Say, "Dry bones, hear the word of Yahweh. The Lord Yahweh says this to these bones: I am now going to make breath enter you, and you will live. I shall put sinews on you, I shall make flesh grow on you, I shall cover you with skin and give you breath, and you will live; and you will know that I am Yahweh." (Ezekiel 37:4-6).

The stages of the Covenant’s formation

Due to the factor of time, the Covenant project is not realized at once, but gradually, step by step. And throughout the historical path, there are different periods of construction of the Trinitarian realm. In total these periods are in number of three plus the fourth which will have no end. And on each segment of this unique construction site, the Lord, like the chief of construction, chooses several teams and assigns them on different sites. The teams, as well as the construction sites, are different, but the cause is common. Ultimately, the common home will be built for everyone.

The Jews worked on the site of the Old Testament, Christians - on the site of the New Testament. Construction is stopped now. A new brigade must be assembled to carry out work on the site of the messianic kingdom. Here the people of Holy Russia, the house of Joseph, will work together with the people of newly repentant Jews, with those whom the Lord will bless with mind and who will be able to understand and repent. This concerns the Orthodox to the same extent. In fact, in the project of the messianic kingdom under construction, there will be neither Russians nor Jews. It should be emphasized that all the twelve tribes of Israel, and not only the Jews who were elected by vocation, by blood. Ten tribes have dispersed throughout humanity, that is, every man has a blessed blood to a varying degree, in fact. Scientists will surely restore the entire image according to the haplo groups in future. Now, it is important to emphasize two aspects: on the one hand, modern Jews have usurped the Covenant project. They go against God, because they do not want to build the house of Judah in alliance with the sons of Israel, that is, with those who are non-Jews. Therefore, those who call themselves Jews, and are not Jews, remain aside the process of building of the millennial kingdom. Secondly, apart from Judah who has the royal blessing, there is also Dan. And the blessing of Dan is superior to the blessing of Judah.

“Dan will govern his people like any other of the tribes of Israel” (Genesis 49:16).

The blood of Dan's northern tribe flows through the veins of the Normans, the Vikings, the Varangians and the Cossacks. Therefore, the Jews, when they succeeded in overthrowing the universe, rushed to destroy the Cossacks. The spiritual strength of the hereditary Cossacks covers the strength of the royal blessing of Judah. The Cossacks and the Russian aristocracy with Dan's blood represented a major threat on the way to world domination. Therefore, God's chosen still particularly fear and hate the Cossacks.

Judah, you're fired!

Well, what matters today is that if we cross the blessing of Dan of the Old Testament with the prophetic gift of the New Testament, one will obtain a bearer of the whole Covenant project in its entirety. And we’ll obtain the man in whom will be gathered the twelve currents of the Old Testament and the twelve currents of the New Testament, that is, we’ll obtain the legendary Liberator of Zion. He is also called the Horseman on the White Horse, or the Great Potter. The Great Potter is the one who will prepare a great pot of time for the Messianic era.

There are too many speculations about the future Tsar. The objective of our project is not to wait and swim in the ocean of speculation, but to create a historical and spiritual process leading to the establishment of the Tsar and the kingdom. We just need to make this big pot, because nobody else does it.

Thus, by the irony of fate, to restore the project of the unique Covenant the Jews, having so high opinion about themselves, are not needed at all. Our Orthodox Church, only not the synodal one, but the living Church, the Orthodox People who are vivified by the Holy Spirit, possesses all fullness of blessing, both by blood and spirit. And from the moment of the restoration of the unique Covenant’s sphere, the Jews will lose all their power, because their power is based on gold and they can reign only in the system of the artificial world order, within the limits of the Matrix that is against God. In the space of the natural being, based on the energies of the Eucharistic circulation, they are utterly impotent. They look like a fish thrown on the sand.

The mission of the Prophet

The advantage of the Jews is elsewhere. As the apostle Paul said, “so in the same way they are disobedient now, so that through the mercy shown to you they too will receive mercy” (Romans 11:31).

The crimes of the Jews are before our eyes, and on the eve of the centenary period, many of them already have a taste of righteous anger. Especially since the Jews will completely lose power, to beat a dying lion will not pose many problems. However, the problem is elsewhere and lies in what is not so visible. Few people today understand the true depth of the Church fall, not the fall of Jews.

The teaching of Savior is completely lost, in fact. The official church is in a state of "the abomination of desolation" and the guilt of this crime is quite superior to the guilt of all Jews, because the Jews stay in an inadequate state for already two thousand years. If we ask them to respond, we must take into account they are mad. While divine grace was not removed from the church. Obviously, orthodoxy was substituted and everyone knows how the church was reformed, wave after wave. Everyone knows that the changes have a tectonic character and that the divine strength has withdrawn from the Orthodox people. Every Orthodox Christian, beginning with the guardian of the church and ending with the patriarch, had the opportunity to restore the truth. However, there was no one to do it. Everyone closed his eyes to the committed crimes. Everyone cheated with his conscience and said: "It does not concern me." Everyone said he had more important things to do in life.

“How often we have rebelled against you and our sins bear witness against us. Our rebellious acts are indeed with us, we are well aware of our guilt: rebellion and denial of Yahweh, turning our back on our God, talking violence and revolt, murmuring lies in our heart. Fair judgement is driven away and saving justice stands aloof, for good faith has stumbled in the street and sincerity cannot enter. Good faith has vanished; anyone abstaining from evil is victimised. Yahweh saw this and was displeased that there was no fair judgement. He saw there was no one and wondered there was no one to intervene. So he made his own arm his mainstay, his own saving justice his support” (Isaiah 59:13-16).

But Christ is always the same and it is possible to restore the connection with the Holy Spirit, as we did. But no one among the archpriests and the simple believers has done it. Who is the most responsible now? Those who crucified the Savior two thousand years ago or those who continue to crucify Him during each divine office? Who is guiltier? The ancient blind Jews who cried out: "His blood be upon us and upon our childrenwithout realizing to what curse they submit their people or modern blind priests and laics who do not know that the Russian land was flooded with blood, because of the modifications made by the Freemasons to the divine synodal office?

All these crimes, committed both by Jews and Russians, are so monstrous that to repent is meaningless, in fact. It is impossible to repent, because man simply cannot understand the entire degree of his guilt. And God cannot forgive if repentance does not cover the whole extent of the committed crimes. Therefore, on the eve of the Second Coming, that is nowadays, it’s not about repentance, as it was before. If, at the First Advent, John the Baptist preached repentance to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the situation is quite different today. Today the Lord does not expect repentance from man, because man is not in a position to comprehend the full extent of his crimes. The degree of sin is equal to the whole universe and is measured by crucified God. This is an absolute degree. Thus, when the resource of time will be exhausted to the last crumb, the Lord will simply annihilate the sin of all chosen men, both of those chosen by vocation and those chosen by blood. He will remove the dirty clothes and dress in festive ones.

“Now Joshua was dressed in dirty clothes as he stood before the angel. The latter then spoke as follows to those who were standing before him, 'Take off his dirty clothesand dress him in splendid robes” (Zechariah 3:3-4).

Of course, the Lord will show His great mercy only under certain conditions. The Lord will place his mercy towards the Christians in direct dependence on the mercy of Christians towards the Jews. If Christians will be able to forgive the Jews because they have shredded Holy Russia, the Lord will forgive the Christians who have transformed the holy Church into an "abomination of desolation."Therefore the apostle said: “so in the same way they are disobedient now, so that through the mercy shown to you they too will receive mercy” (Romans 11:31).

Forgiven by Christians

In this consists the ministry of the prophet on the eve of the great and terrible Day of the Lord.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse” (Malachi 4:5-6).

The Jewish project of New Babylon is doomed to destruction, because it was built in the space of fragmented time. The wave of integral time is on the approach and anything that will not correspond to its format will be destroyed, burned by the new space. But the Lord always desires mercy and not sacrifice; He wishes the salvation of Nineveh, not the righteous punishment. Therefore, the will of God is that both Russians and Jews can join the beginnings with the ends and the ends with the beginnings for they could gather the Project of God in whole. Then we will be able to board the saving Ark of the Covenant.

Forever together

As I have already said, we have to start alone to gather the Israeli project, although the Jews do not stand apart and draw pictures for us. From the beginning, we have to rely on the future repentance of the Jews. In fact, Holy Russia is reborn to save the most sinful people on the planet. We are going to rescue the Jews, tie the devil, and remove the sword menacing Adam. Then peace will reign over the whole earth. This is an objective to which the modern paradigm of the human being is reduced.

Being a criminal before God and the people is not the worst thing. The worst is to be indifferent to God. Despite their monstrous crimes, the Jews do not imagine their lives without faith. They hate humanity, but they have the essentials - love to God. In the end, the darkening veil will be removed from their eyes.

“Look, I am going to make the synagogue of Satan -- those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are liars, because they are no such thing -- I will make them come and fall at your feet and recognize that I have loved you” (Revelation 3:9).

However, they cannot break the links of the curse themselves. It is the Russians who must save the Jews. “If you love those who love you, what credit can you expect? Even sinners love those who love them” (Luke 6:32).

The Russian people treated God in a way that is not very correct, to say the least: they betrayed the faith, delivered the church, the Tsar and the enormous country to humiliation and destruction, and looks quietly at the crimes that prevail all around. Despite these monstrous atrocities, God forgives everyone who comes to Him. Will we be able to accommodate in ourselves the true Father's love, and armed with patience, to show mercy to our worst enemies, as to a son affected by the rabies virus? God will show His mercy and remove from Russia a curse only if we show our mercy to our crucifiers. We don’t talking about some pacifist pink love, of course, it’s not about to forgive and understand the thieves, rapists, assassins and other monsters of the human race. We are talking about a special conversation, carried out over millennia between the two halves of the same people. Only the one who truly loves God is able to hear and understand this mysterious conversation which rises above time and history. This dialogue must be conducted to the common result.

Our holy Tsar, whose family and kingdom was destroyed by the Jews, left prophetic words: “Remember that the evil that is now in the world will be even stronger, but it is not evil that will defeat evil, but only love”. Evil will be defeated by a special love, capable of forgiving the most incredible things. This is a special Divine Love, which brings death to anyone who rejects it.




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