“But you, Daniel, must keep these words secret and keep the book sealed until the time of the End. Many will roam about, this way and that, and wickedness will continue to increase” (Daniel 12:4).

The book of the prophet Daniel contains information about two types of digital symbols. In the ninth chapter, it is about the weeks, in the twelfth – about the numbers 1290 and 1335. In this system are encrypted the information about the events of the eschatological period. Why is it presented in this unusual way? Why the future events could not be described in a simple human language? The fact is that the essence of the eschatological period consists in the midpoint of being, in transition to a paradoxical state of time when the ends are connected with the beginnings and the beginnings with the ends.

“Look, I shall send you the prophet Elijah before the great and awesome Day of Yahweh comes. He will reconcile parents to their children and children to their parents, to forestall my putting the country under the curse of destruction” (Malachi 3:23-24).

The eschatological period cannot be described by discursive methods. We need to mature, in our mind, to contain solid food. The maturation occurs by means of the Holy Spirit, and when our mind goes beyond the categories of this perishable century, then the seal of the wisdom of Daniel is removed by itself. We begin to understand the poetry of the living language of biblical numbers because we understand the structure of Creation, the entire divine-human realm, and the entire Project of God.

The era of the Sixth-Seventh Day begins with the construction of the Temple made without hands. It is vivified by sacred ritual of prayer, made through the knowledge of the Project of God. In fact, there is soborial liturgy, but only with an understanding of the internal energy of the Eucharist, as it was the case in the old church. When our soborial mind will contain within itself the structure and principles of the Heavenly Jerusalem life in its entirety, then the Lord will come on earth, come to our world.

To build a Temple made without hands, it is necessary to know the structure of the integral century. It is encrypted in the prophecies of Daniel.

“But in days to come Yahweh's Temple Mountain will tower above the mountains, rise higher than the hills” (Micah 4:1).

“And Zion shall come, and shall be shown to all men, being prepared and built, like as you saw the mountain carved without hands” (4th Book of Ezra, 13:36).

“Then I was given a long cane like a measuring rod, and I was told, 'Get up and measure God's sanctuary, and the altar, and the people who worship there; but exclude the outer court and do not measure it, because it has been handed over to gentiles -- they will trample on the holy city for forty-two months” (Apocalypse 11:1-2).

The Temple of God is a Project of the Heavenly Jerusalem. The altar is an earthly church. The outer court is the rest of the world that is under the power of the prince of this world.

So, let’s start to measure. All the prophecies, concerning the eschatological time, have a cruciform structure. In the ninth chapter, the events are considered from the perspective of linear time. In the twelfth chapter, it is about the vertical of integral time. To get an idea about an eschatological period, it is necessary to combine crosswise these two systems. As a result, we’ll get a kind of a map of the future. We have before our eyes a spiritual and symbolic calendar of the world history, that is why it can be read only in a spiritual way, in direct connection of our mind with the energies of the Holy Spirit. This system is alive and creative.

This is poetry and music, rather than calendar. If we’ll try to consider discursively the wisdom of Daniel, in terms of the physical world, we’ll get nonsense. All figures presented here are symbols. They do not indicate the number of years and days, but the state of being. For example, the numbers, which are in the upper part of the midpoint, refer to the integral century. Those in the lower part refer to the fragmented century. If in arithmetic order, 1260 is certainly more important than 30, in spiritual and metaphysics sense - 30 contains in itself all the fragmented century, designated by number 1260. And if you compare the different state of time with a coin, for example, a denarius then for one coin we can buy a layer of integral being, designated by number 30, as well as a layer of fragmented century, designated by number 1260, that is, respectively, 40 times greater than 30; 40 is a number of the integral Creation.

In rational system of calculation such things are impossible. Thus, the spiritual system of calculation is based on the " integer / fractional " principle. All figures are considered in this order, with respect to each other. The fractional is always equal to the whole, from which it originates.

Let’s pass to the horizontal of linear time. It's the same story here. The week is an integral state of being. The number 10 represents fragmented state. Only now it's not about the whole being, but about its seven parts. On the vertical, the Creation is considered in a general manner. On the one hand, there is an integral being, on the other hand – fragmented being. To the horizontal, the situation is different. Now, the whole being is divided into seven parts, and we will consider the situation of gathering in whole separately. That's what a week.

The structure of time can be compared with a barrel containing seven buckets, as well as seven buckets of ten litres. On the vertical, we have the whole barrel and integral water contained in this barrel. To the horizontal, we have no longer a barrel, but seven buckets of ten litres, respectively, seven portions of water. If we consider the history of the world in linear order, it will be the history of gradual filling of seven buckets of ten litres with water. If we consider the history of the world in terms of spiritual maturation on the vertical, it will be a history of filling, by integral water, of one large barrel that contains seven buckets.

In real life, these two aspects are combined and, in the center of their intersection, appears Christ, walking on the waters of being, the waters of history, and ascending to the Ancient of Days. This is what the seventy weeks. It is a way of formation of the Temple of the integral Kingdom of God who is Christ. It begins with the decision to build the Temple and ends with the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in our world.

“When sixty-two weeks will be fulfilled, and Christ will come, and the gospel will be preached in all the world, and the years will pass, then, the last one week will remain, and during this week, will come Elijah and Enoch, and, in the middle of this period, will occur the “abomination of desolation” – antichrist who will proclaim the desolation to the world "(St. Hippolytus of Rome).

So, Christ comes not only at the End of the World, but before the End of the World, and even before the reign of the antichrist. He comes into our world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. This will occur in the course of theweeksixty-second.

And the week sixty-second is already here!




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