The ascent of the beast

The book printing and persecution

The last of Melchizedeks

Nobody has survived...

And his kingdom will have no end!

The cherry on the cake

Oh, wonderful new world!

The tricks of Mr. Fix...

Why did none of the starets point at the main reason of all the processes of apostasy?

«Indeed, when you should by this time have become masters, you need someone to teach you all over again the elements of the principles of God's sayings; you have gone back to needing milk, and not solid food. Truly, no one who is still living on milk can digest the doctrine of saving justice, being still a baby. Solid food is for adults with minds trained by practice to distinguish between good and bad» (Hebrews 5:12-14).

The problems, which resolution was postponed for many years, have reached critical mass. Now the truth is released and when it will reach a consciousness of Orthodox people, very interesting events will happen in our Church and they will develop roughly. This is due to the fact that the truth is shocking. As it is stated in a famous movie: «The king is wrong!»