Our Project passes from the research state to its implementation. The new period begins which will last from now until the ascension of the future King to the Throne. Thus, the era of the Sixth Day can be considered open.

The obtaining of the Seal of the Living God, which gives to man a registration name in Heavenly Kingdom, consists in a cross-shaped knowledge of God the Verb. This is also an essence of coming era of universal preaching of The Gospel of the Kingdom. In the immediate future already, when our people will wake up from a hundred-year-old darkness, new apostles will appear, in a large number, and will preach the Kingdom of God which come with power. As said the apostle Paul: « For the Kingdom of God does not consist in words but in power ».

How is acquired the grace of wisdom? Wisdom is knowledge. It is much easier to retain the knowledge than to make long-term achievements. To receive the sacral knowledge, no need to go to Mount Athos to make efforts for many years.

All holidays celebrated by the Church are not just some events of sacred history, as it is considered everywhere nowadays. Each holiday is also a stage of development of the soul; it is a step in the homebuilding of God the Word.

The homebuilding of God the Word gets through several key steps that reflect the whole cycle of the life of Jesus Christ. The mystery of the dispensation of the grace of God is a mystery of God-man who lives every time, is born every time and lives in the soul of every baptized person.