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Resident Evil

The future has come


Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov

When I read the book "My World" for the first time, I could not believe that it was a fiction. There are some things that make possible to distinguish nonsense from truth. In other words, the man with such a clear mind can not be a liar. The book of Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is impregnated by an unusual light and love towards all that is alive. In addition, he talks about some spiritual things that are only available to the real saints. For example, one day he was beaten to death, but he did not take revenge, although he could do it. He had absolute power over his offenders, but he did not take advantage of it. He simply forgave them as a true Christian.

The mysteries of the divine world order are revealed to people with thoughts of crystalline purity. This is what we all should aspire to. Like hundreds and thousands of amateurs, I have tried, for a long time, to solve the mystery of Grebennikov's enigmatic gravitoplane. The answer was somewhere nearby, but escaped me every time. Only this month, when we approached the Hexaemeron, the illustrations from "My World" suddenly began to emerge before my eyes and the rebus pieces could, finally, gather in an integral picture.

The book "My World" tells how God created our world in six days by means of the Life-Giving Cross and the energy of the refracted light. All six stages of Creation are successively described in the language of metaphors, allegories and symbols. Therefore, the book contains six chapters and ends with the description of a spherorame. The spherorame is a model of the universe, similar to that used in the Eucharistic Sacrament of the Orthodox Church.

Thus, the key to deciphering the mysteries of Grebennikov is found in the first chapter of the Bible. Since the vast majority of researchers have been educated in the walls of atheistic institutions, created by Freemasons, atheists, they were incapable to properly set their mind. Therefore, the mystery was not decipherable. The physical world is not quite as it is taught in school. And this lie is a main pillar of the power of the Illuminati.

The book is written in an absolutely ingenious way, with an extraordinary grace and wisdom. It is difficult to estimate the exploit of this great man. You see, he was the first to understand all this Illuminati conspiracy. He found a source that generates our terrible, poisoned, bloody, inverted and raped civilization. And the source is in the church. The synodal church of the Patriarchate of Moscow is a Masonic project. Its goal is to produce mutants. Viktor Stepanovich not only restored the true scientific image of the world, but he also verified principles of action of real physics in practice. The most important thing is that he managed to transmit this knowledge to us.

There is nothing more difficult than being alone against the whole world. One must be holy man to be able to preserve, in atheist times and in a situation of absolute solitude, a great mystery he has learned, and find a way to transmit this valuable content. After all, from the legacy of Grebennikov, associated with this discovery, almost nothing left. The most important things were withdrawn by the men in black. Grebennikov has worked for many years not for himself, for his career and the acquisition of earthly goods, but for future generations, for us. He believed that the light of Christ's Reason will shine above the earth and humanity will be liberated from a yoke of the Illuminati.

“But humanity, provided it gains the title of intelligent humanity, will solve many enigmas of the Universe, and will also pass beyond this limit. Then, any worlds, in all corners of the Universe remote from the Earth for trillions of light years, will become almost instantly accessible" (Victor Grebennikov " To the Eternal Light ").

We know practically nothing about the scientific and theological side of Victor Stepanovitch's life. All the information was withdrawn. However, shortly before his death, Grebennikov created a series of allegorical paintings. Here, through the symbols is encoded message about the most important. This message is addressed to those who will manage with theology of the Asterisk and restore the Hexaemeron.

Here is what an extraordinary man was Viktor Stepanovich! Even the working conditions of Stierlitz were not so complicated. Stirlitz at least knew that somewhere far away there are mushroom rains and a big homeland. Stirlitz had a radio station, and he could transmit the cipher. Grebennikov, in his earthly life, has no support among the people. The entire planet was zombified, but he could transmit a coded message for the future.

At that time Russian people have not yet understand that the Illuminati, with the aid of the Russian church, had locked up humanity in a spiritual concentration camp, in this Zionist matrix. The crosses were cut, the church was pirated and re-encoded. The black sun rose above the earth and only memory remained from ancient freedom. The beauty of Orthodoxy, instead to offer freedom and transform the mind by Christic Reason, begun to transform people into slaves, mutants, mindless zombies whose mind is immobilized by a virus of false dogmas. At that time glimpses of truth, in the form of prophecies of the youth Vyacheslav, only began to germinate through the age-old ice. Many more years will pass before the mind of man will be released from the Illuminati labyrinth.

Resident Evil

Viktor Stepanovitch could solve the mystery of Resident Evil, but it was impossible to defeat the Red Queen at that time. The film "Resident Evil" is another masterpiece of Judeo-Masonic creativity, dedicated to the fall of red Babylon. The Red Queen is a false Christianity, this is anti-Christianity, Babylonian apocalyptic prostitute, enthroned on the first beast. Freemasons use the same system of symbols. Here the Red Queen is the same character as in "Alice". The starting point of civilization is the church. The inverted church generates an inverted world.

The synodal church does not give true knowledge to mankind. It has no institute of the prophets that would provide the daily heavenly bread to the world, as it was in ancient times. The spirit is extinguished, the prophecy diminished, everything is done upside down. Having no idea on the true scientific image of the world, the zombified scientists of the 20th century produced monsters in their laboratories. And, finally, the energy of those who is seeking the face of God of Jacob, the God of truth, that is to say, the sobor of people with the same opinions will inevitably defeat the monster of the New World Order. The Red Babylon will be destroyed.

Milla Jovovich plays the force of a resurgent church in the film, the force of the aspiration of mankind to the truth. She is waking up from a centenary anabiosis and the memory of the past comes back gradually. The virus, by which mankind has been transformed into zombie, is a false knowledge about the mind as well as about the matter. Therefore, truth is an antidote.

To defeat the monster of the New World Order, you need to strip his tongue and pierce his stinky body with a bunch of pipes. Language is a false theology, it must be cut off. A bundle of pipes is knowledge about the effect of cavity structures. The monster of atheistic materialism will be destroyed by the very same science. The matter is spiritual, in fact. The massacre of the monstrous generation of the atheistic age takes place inside the train. The train, as we have already said, is a symbol of the Logos, a symbol of an integral image of the world order. Well, the corporation "Umbrella" is nothing else than Asterisk. This same Asterisk that is depicted on the illustration of Grebennikov.

The future has come

Thus, Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is not only an entomologist, writer and artist, but also a pioneer of Holy Russia. He made an invaluable contribution to the restoration of both true theology and true physics. Here's what an incredible time we live. The force of gravity is really directed upwards. And, to the Glory of God, to the Glory of the true Creator of the world, our Project will have to restore order also in the field of fundamental physics. We must sow grains also in this direction. The Lord created the world in an incredibly beautiful and wise way. Creator combines physics with the lyrics. The model of the universe is a flower. From one day of Creation reveals and grows another, so that it turns out a bud. And the whole universe is set in motion by the energy of Light, which is energy. This is a real energy of universal gravitation, only it is directed upwards to God, and not to the earth. So the greatest upheaval awaits the world, because the era of hydrocarbon energy came to an end.

Our Project carries out the mission of Dan, the mission of the Day of Judgment. It is carried out by the sobor of free people. As stated in the Revelation of John the Theologian, the sobor of kings coming from the Orient. The Orient here has the most direct relation to antigravity. Our previous researches allowed us to access to the codes of being. We are not magicians yet, but we can already play some things on the harp of David, so we can provide protection. We can also publish the results of someone else's research in this field. Time has changed. Now, what you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light. So your minds and talents are now necessary to people. In any case, it will be impossible to monetize an invention. You will quickly lose your head. Then you can no longer live worthily, settled, so to speak. The time is not appropriate for that. There is no time left. History came close to the Day of Judgment, and the only thing, that now has meaning, is preaching of truth.

We need to get as many people as possible out of the anabiosis. It is necessary to relate, to show, to prove that the true laws of the physical world are based on the dogma of the Holy Trinity, that the universe has a multi-hypostatic nature, in fact, gathered in one entity. In other words, there are as many universes as objects, and all this represents the same world. We have to tell and show a lot.

From our side, I've already ordered some equipment and started to build a laboratory, our soborial laboratory. But we are just starting to experiment, and if there is somebody who has already understood the subject and has ready-made results, he can be very useful for our difficult common cause. You can, of course, continue to stay at your home, as you can devote your life to a great cause and help us to defeat this terrible Illuminati monster. It is necessary to pierce it by multi-band structure and liberate mankind. Annushka had already spilled the oil. The anti-gravity flow acts not directly, but perpendicularly. So a little more time, and in all schools, institutes, in all educational institutions the youth will begin to create circles of truth, circles of learning of the true world order. And this process will be impossible to stop. Therefore, the earlier we launch it, the lighter and more interesting our life will be. It makes no sense to hide what everyone knows. In this consists also our security.

Homo sapiens is the one who knows how to love the divine creation, as Viktor Stepanovich. We must learn how to live for a high purpose, how to sacrifice oneself for the good of the people, for the creation of a new luminous world. We must learn to dream, to believe and to realize the impossible. Love, wisdom, truth, this is what our tortured people need most. This is what is most lacking today. Humanity was torn, mutilated throughout this monstrous twentieth century. Today, people are like this dog that no one has ever cherished.





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